NZ to axe local edition of The Project

NZ news show, based on Roving Enterprises format, will discontinue by the end of the year.

The New Zealand edition of The Project is set to fold by the end of the year, ending a six year run on Warner Bros. Discovery broadcaster Three.

A Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson said: “We have commenced consultation to discontinue The Project on Three from the end of the year – our primary focus is to support our people as we work through this process.”

The show which employs around 24 people, did not screen last night, giving staff time to digest the news.

Instead Three ran an episode of Bay Patrol.

The Project, based on an Roving Enterprises format of the same name, started in New Zealand in February 2017, originally hosted by Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson. It is now hosted by Mulligan, Lloyd and Jeremy Corbett, with a range of other hosts.

The NZ Herald reports it comes with a hefty international licensing fee when almost every major New Zealand media outlet faces cutbacks caused by tough economic conditions and falling advertising revenue.

Warner Bros. Discovery senior director of news Sarah Bristow, said in an email, “If the proposed change is confirmed, we will design a redefined news show in the 7pm timeslot as part of the broader Newshub proposition.

“I want to acknowledge the hard work of Jesse, Kanoa, Jeremy, Jon Bridges, Ali Ventura and the entire crew of The Project, who have worked tirelessly to bring this show to air for the past seven years.

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  1. The Australian version of the show appears more often than not in the daily top 20, but many people want it axed. 7pm onwards normally receives higher ratings and I think 10 should use that, but they seem to never go on ratings or viewers feedback. Neighbours could return to 6.30pm on 10 and maybe even move Bold to later. The Project at 9.30pm would probably work well, or maybe 10.30pm to allow for other regular shows at 9.30pm. But as the late News is returning, they could even have it before or after that. It still rates well so why not use that.

    1. This is a great idea with the exception of B&B. B&B has a loyal following who are glued on to a particular time. Viewers didn’t like when they tried to move it to 6pm back in the late 2000s, they didn’t like moving to 4pm last month. People who have worked at 10 have admitted that it’s a serious consideration whether they bump B&B for breaking news depending on the status of the news itself and whether it’s reporting is still critical.

  2. If Ten want to keep people in 2024 from Deal or No Deal to their 7:30 offering they really need to think about following suit. The brand is dead and I used to watch The Project religously for about 10 years now I cant stand it.

    1. But what do you replace it with? A game show or more news which we have plenty of. At least The Project is a true alternative. Ratings have dropped but so have most other shows over the years. I do think The Project would be really good at 9.30 pm. They should test it out at some point, even over summer.

      1. The concept behind The Project in a late night slot would be great, but it would need to be a complete revamp. New set, new hosts, new name, and update the format a bit to loosen it up. But The Project as a brand is tainted by its past. It’s ruined goods at this point. Nothing can save it.

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