Old People’s Home for Teenagers: Oct 17

This week is a focus on building confidence and resilience in both teens and seniors.

This week on Old People’s Home for Teenagers….

It’s now week 3, the halfway point of the program and so far, the volunteers have formed meaningful friendships that have helped them explore issues around their self-esteem, well-being and brainpower. This week the program focuses on building confidence and resilience in both teens and the seniors.

A good way to explore resilience is by sharing stories of personal resilience. With this in mind, the first activity for the teens and seniors, is to create a podcast to exchange stories of times in their life where they have had to be resilient.

Exploring resilience can also be light-hearted, as the teens and seniors play a game of word association to probe the idea of “bouncing back” after failure. However, one of our shyest teens Addison feels a little exposed and uncomfortable with the activity until senior Annelise manages to draw him into the fun and silliness.

Self-image is delved into as the group share with each other what they see when they look in the mirror. The next activity asks our teens and seniors to be vulnerable by creating a ceramic mask that reveals their true inner self. It proves a cathartic exercise for many of participants.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.

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