Returning: The Bay

UK crime drama returns for a third season in November.

Season 3 of UK crime drama The Bay finally begins on BBC First in November.

The six part seeries stars Marsha Thomason as new DS Jenn Townsend, Daniel Ryan & Andrew Dowbiggin.

This screened internationally in January 2022.

DS Jenn Townsend, Morecambe’s new FLO, is thrown in the deep end when a body is found in the Bay on her first day in the job. She must get under the skin of a grieving and complicated family if she has any chance of solving the murder, whilst at the same time proving herself to new colleagues in the MIU. The pressure is multiplied when her new blended family struggle to settle in Morecambe, proving to Jenn that a fresh start might not be quite as simple as moving to a different town.

Thursdays at 7.30pm from November 16 on BBC First.


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  1. The Bay is an ITV drama, a fairly mediocre crime melodrama originally about the ambitious and reckless DC Armstrong (Morven Christie) and her family. Channel 7 had first run rights here for the first two seasons. Season 3, which is effectively a new show starting Marsha Thomason , who’s been working in Hollywood for 2 decades, aired in 2022 and S4 in early 2023 in the UK. S5 is expected to air late this year or early next year in the UK. I saw S3 on a streaming platform some time ago, can’t remember whether it was 7+ or Britbox. S1 and S2 are on Stan according to Just Watch. They aren’t listed for Foxtel, but my sister said she was watching them recently there.

  2. Thanks. As far as I can see on any of the list sites, it looks like S1-2 aren’t on Binge, probably because they’re on Stan. I was going to renew Binge to get Magnum Pi but I might just wait a few weeks & get Foxtel Now instead, to be sure.

  3. Finally, but I was hoping it would turn up on BritBox not BBC1.

    David, do you know whether this would be on Binge? Subscribing to Foxtel Now is so expensive for just a couple of shows because BBC1 is an extra pack!

    1. @gnat23 … most BBC First shows become available on Binge shortly after the show has finished streaming on BBC First. At least, that’s the case, with shows such as, Call the Midwife, Death in Paradise, etc. So in this case, I would expect S3e1 to be on Binge @8:30pm 16th November. Time will tell if I’m right (I don’t have a Binge sub to check though).

      Having said that, Seasons 1 to 3 are appear to be available now to watch on Apple TV here in Australia.

    2. I find BBC First can be a bit hit and miss as to what is on Binge, so unless it is specified I err on the side of caution. But maybe it was an oversight. On Apple TV S1-3 is a separate purchase per season. Stan has S1-2.

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