SBS sets Net Zero target

SBS has begun carbon measurement on shows such as Insight, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw, and Going Places with Ernie Dingo.

SBS has confirmed it achieved Net Zero on its direct emissions and it is the first Australian TV network to confirm it is using Sustainable Screens Australia’s albert Toolkit to measure and reduce production emissions.

“According to Nielsen’s Sustainability Rankings, in 2022 SBS ranked number one among media and telco brands when it came to social and environmental good,” said SBS Managing Director James Taylor.

“This week we are going even further and using our Upfronts to talk to the market about how SBS is the first Australian broadcaster to have achieved Net Zero on its direct emissions for Scopes 1 and 2.

“Now that we have tackled our direct emissions, our next focus is our supply chain,” said Taylor. “I am very pleased that we are setting an ambitious date of 2045 for Net Zero on all emissions, including Scope 3. This is a space where SBS can and should lead the industry.

“We’ll do this in collaboration with our production partners and I am pleased that SBS has already begun carbon measurement on key TV franchises such as Insight, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw, and Going Places with Ernie Dingo.”

SBS switched to 100% renewable energy in FY23 through the Federal Government’s Large Scale Renewable Energy Target scheme and is transitioning its fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles.

A founding member of Sustainable Screens Australia, SBS was among the first broadcasters (along with the ABC) to begin measuring carbon emissions for its operations and supply chain in 2020-2021. SBS is now in the third year of measuring emissions.

Earlier this month, Abigail Thomas (pictured above) was announced in the new position of Head of Sustainability for SBS.

“As a responsible purpose-driven public broadcaster, sustainability is at the heart of our strategy,” she said. “SBS is taking an ambitious but credible approach to decarbonising its operations and supply chain, helping to lead the Australian broadcasting industry to tackle this key global challenge.”

SBS has also analysed its supply chain, working with content, technology, and marketing partners to map their decarbonisation plans. Scenario modelling has enabled SBS to project an ambitious target to reach Net Zero by 2045 across all three scopes including its supply chain.

“Our media agency partners have been talking to us about sustainability for a number of years and indeed Nielsen’s consumer metrics show Australians believe and expect SBS to be a leader in this area,” said Adam Sadler, SBS Director of Media Sales.

“Today we are showing the industry and public that perception matches the reality and that SBS is leading the way for public and commercial broadcasters to set an ambitious Net Zero target.”

SBS employees also participate in an Employee Action Group SBS Green for initiatives including a clothes swap and event / panel on Earth Day.

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