Season high for The Block -but tough night at 10.

The Block tops Sunday at over 900,000 viewers -leaving 10 below 200,000.

The Block is powering up as it heads towards its auction, now less than 2 weeks away.

Last night it was #1 at 909,000 metro viewers a new high for the season, as well as its Total TV number scoring its best this season.

But it came at the expense of Network 10 which struggled to rise above 200,000 viewers across the night.

The 1% Club returned to 545,000 then from 7:30pm Death in Paradise (388,000) and from 8pm Border Security (315,000 in 4 cities).

Later 60 Minutes drew 520,000 then Ron Iddles: The Good Cop (296,000), and movie: Red Joan (226,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 37.9% then Seven 27.8%, ABC 15.6%, 10 11.9% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News drew 764,000 with a late edition at 237,000.

Seven News won its slot at 796,000. Body In The Snow: The Murder Of Joanna Yeates was 124,000. Telethon pulled up to 133,000 in Perth.

ABC News was 525,000. Antiques Roadshow managed 164,000.

10 News First was 177,000 / 136,000 at 10. The Sunday Project pulled 176,000 / 146,000 while The Graham Norton Show continues to languish in the slot at only 146,o00. FBI International was just 97,000 then FBI at 93,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (131,000 / 93,000), Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters (68,000) and Rebel With A Cause (TBA).

 ICC Men’s ODI World Cup topped multichannels at 132,000 on 9GEM.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

The Newsreader: 505,000
The Block: 1.62m
FBI: 221,000
Insiders: 519,000
60 Minutes: 794,000
Under Investigation: 245,000
7News Spotlight: 605,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 22 October 2023

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  1. ‘Red Joan’ was a strange choice for ABC in that timeslot on the main channel-has been shown many times on SBS over the last few years-one would have thought it would be more suited to Friday night on ABC2 where they now do a movie double from 8.30pm.

  2. As far as I’m aware there was no advertising for the FBI three way crossover. So it’s not surprising it didn’t rate. I watched International, having only seen season one of it. I was going to give up, but got to the cliffhanger which put an FBI character in jeopardy, so then I watched the next hour, with the last hour recorded to watch tonight. It’s really hard to make these crossovers of franchise shows work, when we don’t get all shows seasons aligned.

  3. There’s virtually nothing on Channel ten to watch on Sundays. Nothing of interest. That’s why ratings are down. Channel ten aren’t stupid enough to put the Masked Singer against the Block on Sundays.

  4. The Graham Norton Show won’t rate here in Australia, it’s a fact. Why air it on a Sunday Night?? Fridays that’s a go. If l was at 10 l would try HYBPA on a Sunday. Got nothing to loose.

  5. I watched 7 News and then the final portion of Telethon. Awesome achievement once again for all the sick children in WA and oh my gosh the segment where Rove delivered a winning prize car to an unsuspecting family was TV gold. They didn’t open their outside gate because they could hear some random man (Rove) yelling outside saying “Does anyone want a car??”

    1. Although The Block’s seasons (twice a year then as well) around 2013 – 2016 from memory didn’t do all that well, certainly the spin-off seasons those years, as low as 500-600k metro (which was terrible at a time when MKR was the top show still doing up to 2m metro), on par with Ten’s lows then. So extraordinary it rebounded around 2017 and became the dominant ~Q3 show. Shows that used to give Block a run for its money or beat, ignoring MKR which of course won when a Block season went head to head) were X Factor, AGT, Bachelor, Bacheloette and MasterChef spin-offs.

  6. Hello Mr Warburton and Mr Martin, any chance of Melbourne’s RCH GFA (which has been running longer including on HSV) getting the same level of investment as Mr Stoke’s personal favourite Perth’s Telethon? While any telethon is absolutely fantastic for non-TV related reasons of course, the comparisons between Seven’s own are stark and have been for some years (yes realising 3 days vs 1 and Good Friday vs normal days and rusted on Seven Perth vs not as much Seven Melbourne does make for differences). This point has been observed and brought up multiple times and annually.

  7. On the 1% Club last night, host Jim Jefferies said he’d been told some people watch the show with the sound on mute while he talks (definitely their loss).

    One of his contacts reads comments on a certain TV blog.

    (1% question was easy – the ants stumped me)

  8. If Beverley Mcgarvey is happy with both that schedule and performance, 10 has no hope. They may as well shut up shop now. They must be able to pull together a better Sunday night lineup than that with the Paramount library. And The Project shakeup has failed. The clear bias of that show is a turnoff to viewers. How 10 still has advertisers is mindblowing.

    1. It will be interesting how Ten/Paramount spruik/spin their 2024 schedule at their intimate events tomorrow. Media buyers will have to ask how they can turnaround a lacklustre 2023 and from being a permanent 4th placed TV network in this country.

      1. With things like “most talked about show!” and “#1 show for under 30’s”. I feel like they’ll lean on Nickelodeon and 10play more, even though 10play has a terrible UX.

        They really need to shake up 10 News so it appeals to younger people. Something that sits between 10 News now and The Project, and a brand that can sit on digital platforms. 10 News First as a brand was DOA and should never have seen the light of day.

  9. I’m always dumbfounded at network 10’s decision making. They’ve destroyed FBI, NCIS and SVU. Maybe have Sunday night movies on til the rest of the year…
    Also people always complain about bitchyness on reality shows….it clearly works just look at the block ratings.

  10. Paramount put FBI International, which made up the bulk of the cross over story, on Paramount+ and they haven’t been showing FBI Most Wanted, which they had bumped to 11pm Monday night, for some time. What they showed last night was two episodes of the Cross Over story that they had saved up for when they finally decided to S5 of FBI on Ten, which had an episode in the middle of it. So with their intermittant airing of the shows on FTA, low budgets, dreadful writting with no character consitancy, and bad cliched dialogue there is no market for this sort of crap anymore,. even NCIS, when people can stream much better stuff without ads. 3 hours till 11:30 with an hour of ads is unlikely to watched The only think I have been watching on Ten is So Help Me Todd ( 30,000 viewers at 10 or 11pm). And they have marked #1.20 as final so it looks like they aren”t going to show the final episode, and there”s still no idea when S2 will start shooting.

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