Nine pushes Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars to 2024

"Due to timing and being close to the end of the year, Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars will air in 2024."

Nine has held off screening reality series Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars in 2023, and will now screen it in 2024.

The series features Gordon Ramsay and Boost Juice founder Janine Allis (Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice) investing $250,000 into innovative new food and drink ideas. The contest, which has broadcast in the UK and US, is produced by Endemol Shine Australia and Studio Ramsay Global.

It was announced at its recent Upfronts as coming this year.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, “As we still have new content slated for this year: Cricket, Travel Guides, Taronga, Planet Earth III, The Hundred Christmas, Australian Crime Stories, Christmas with Delta, The Garden Hustle, For the Love of Pets, due to timing and being close to the end of the year, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars will air in 2024.”

Here’s a trailer for the UK series.

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  1. He might be an award winning chef but he certainly wins no awards with his people skills…he’s a bully IMO and gets paid an enormous amount to shout abuse, belittle and berate his contestants almost into submission…he is a horrible person…for a grown man to behave like that and get away with it on tv shows no concerns for those who have been bullied or abused if they watch…there are better way to get the best out of people…the latest promo on of Hells Kitchen on Lifestyle Food Channel shows him dumping an octopus on a contestants head…that’s completely not necessary….total lack of respect in my eyes…besides there are far better TV chefs…one who treat people properly and give encouragement ..not “demand” what they want from a person…..his shows will always be a big miss for me.

    1. Umm, you do realise that on many of his television shows he is playing a caricature of himself? He has cultivated this hyper stylised image of himself because it is what draws an audience.
      In reality, he is a very caring and generous man. Watch the F Word series or even the very early Boiling Point show and you’ll see that he’s very tough but fair, a talented man who strives for perfection. Like any actor, he’s playing a role.

      1. Yes I am aware and have watched F Word notably with John Lydon of the Sex Pistol…if you you think he is playing a “caricature” of himself…then it’s a bad one and begs the question why he would even need to behave like that to attract an audience…it’s just to draw attention to himself IMO…but there is still no valid need or reason to be so bombastic and bully people just to get perfection…patience and understanding get you further…besides you do know there is no such thing as perfection…because that implies things are without faults or flaws….of which humans have many and he is like the rest of us…”No one is Perfect”….cooking shows are supposed to be about learning and should be enjoyable to watch…not abusing, shouting, and demanding…and that’s regardless of how charitable or caring a person may appear to be.

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