Oops. Not a Sunrise exclusive.

Today show host points out an error claimed by rivals at Sunrise.

Nine’s Director of Morning Television Steven Burling took to social media to respond to a claim posted by the Sunrise social team which claimed an ‘exclusive’ 6:30am interview with Australian miner Arnold Dix, who helped rescue 41 miners in India.

But Nine’s Today show had already broadcast a Dix interview at 5:39am.

“Hey Sunrise social media team. Please note that this interview was not an exclusive, nor was it even first on air this morning,” he posted.

“You can watch the full 17-minute phoner here,” he added along with a friendly link.

According to Daily Mail, a social media intern shared an interview with Dix to Sunrise‘s Facebook page and accidentally labelled it as an ‘exclusive’.

This might be a good time to remind of a Seven declaration earlier this year, which I always felt would be revisited…

Seven’s erroneous claim yesterday at least was only on its social posts and not on air….

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