Returning: Home & Away

Where is Eden? Summer Bay drama returns in early January.

Following its feature-length season final last night, Home & Away will return with new episodes in early January.

To tease the episode Seven has a promo and a toll-free* number for an audio.

The 2024 season premiere of Australia’s #1 drama picks up right where 2023’s epic cliffhanger left off: with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) desperately searching for his missing girlfriend, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

Having been whisked off on a romantic camping trip at the picturesque Crystal Gorge, Lyrik wild child Eden Fowler was last seen in the final moments of a nail-biting season closer, sneaking into the bush to go to the bathroom. Her midnight toilet-trek was cut short when she stumbled across two men digging a hole in the dead of night. Caught off guard, Eden was knocked unconscious and bundled into an unknown car.

As the men sped off into the night, Eden came to in the boot of the car and was left reeling when she found herself face to face with the lifeless body of her best friend, Remi (Adam Rowland).

In Home and Away’s unmissable 2024 season premiere, Cash calls in the SES, as well as his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), to help scour the remote bushland for any sign of Eden. But the sombre search party are completely unaware Eden is being held captive in the middle of nowhere at the mercy of the same men who left her best friend for dead.

When she overhears the men making plans to “get rid” of her, Eden is confronted with a terrifying fate: her time is running out. Will Cash track down Eden before it’s too late?

2024 also promises new drama, fresh faces and more heart-stopping moments headed to the sandy shores of Summer Bay.

While waiting for Home and Away’s highly anticipated return to screens on 8 January, fans can call 1800-066-816 to hear an exclusive audio message of Cash’s last call to Eden*.

* calls to 1800-066-816 within Australia are toll free, mobile services provider fees may apply.

7.00pm Monday, 8 January on Seven.

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  1. I feel we need another murder / who dunnit on this show or Neighbours where even the cast don’t know who has done the deed and the audience have to try and figure out which of their favourite characters are the guilty party.
    Like ‘who shot Mr Burns’, ‘Who shot JR’ and who’s car did Sonny Bennett plant the bomb under.

    1. It’s weird how the surviving soaps almost never do whodunnits anymore (from what I can remember anyway). That would have been a hell of a lot more interesting than the clichéd introduction of two hillbillies/bogans for the sole purpose of contriving a cliffhanger for the season finale and to drag out the first few weeks of the new season.

      But I think the actor portraying the guilty party(s) in a whodunnit *should* know, whether it influences their performance or not (but keep it a secret from as many of the cast/crew as possible otherwise).

    2. Exactly, it’s getting so bad with all these recycled storylines. Yawn just another vehicle crash… That silly phone number thing was the most pathetic, cringeworthy thing I’ve ever seen, just another poor ploy to try and get viewers hooked to this show that is slowly but surely going down the toilet. Wish Seven would get the hint and drop the show before the writers lose the plot even more and the show loses all the dignity it still has. Instead they go and bring it back earlier in the year than they ever have before and stick all the promos for it under our noses at every possible opportunity and they are actually so annoying. I actually feel sorry for the poor actors with some of the material they have to work with, even for a soap opera it’s ridiculous

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