Tipping Point: promo

Nine's Aussie version of UK game show comes with a special 'endgame' with a $40,000 prize.

Nine this week unveiled its first promo for Tipping Point Australia, coming to 2024 with host Todd Woodbridge.

Based on the UK game show, the local version includes a special ‘endgame’ with a $40,000 prize, no doubt to beef up the jeopardy directly before the 6pm News.

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  1. The promo scared me. I don’t mind Todd, as long as they let him be normal and not OTT. But the whole promo is so over-hyped with bling and fake reactions.

    What I like about the UK shows (and also US ones like Jeopardy or Forged in Fire) is the lack of fake hype. Just do the show, is my preference.

    I will give it a go, but I would have preferred an Aussie Pointless. The only reason it didn’t rate before was the timeslot they used.

  2. Tipping Point would be fun as a video game (why is there no console adaptation yet?) while the show itself is rather slow and tedious, but I might switch back and forth during ad breaks on The Chase (and during the drawn-out idle chitchats with the guests). With 5 commercial breaks, The Chase would do well to shake things up and accommodate a fifth contestant as they only cover 1 contestant in those first two ad breaks, which makes the first 20 minutes a real drag.

  3. Over the top excitement and Todd Woodbridge. Plus what is with this keep going thing? Seems they’ve even tweaked the format too. I think I’ll stick to the UK version. Good on Nine for trying but I feel like based off the promo they’ve got it wrong. I guess time will tell.

  4. One guy screaming out “Let’s Go!”, another looking like he’s having a fit….
    They are being too hyped up!

    Same fate as Julia Morris Perfect Match reboot, this is not looking promising.

    Oh well, there is still the UK version.

    1. …and gambling….(“Keep gaming….it means gambling, keep gambling”) Promo is good though. Excited to see this version!!! I wonder if Aussies will be as dull as the UK contestants that all just keep their winnings, hope they take the trade more often.

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