Boy Swallows Universe hits #3 in Netflix global rankings

Brisbane's runaway hit continues to climb with Netflix subscribers.

Hit Netflix series Boy Swallows Universe has now reached #3 in the Netflix Global TV Top 10, and  #1 in Australia.

It has also hit #4 in the UK and #6 in the US, which Netflix cites as its most popular Australian-made TV series on record.

It has not released any viewing numbers or hours.

Other recent successes include telemovie Love Is In The Air recently landing at #2 in the global Top 10, Surviving Summer Season 2 at #7 and Top 10 successes including Run Rabbit Run, Wellmania, True Spirit, The Stranger and Heartbreak High.

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  1. This is such good news. I loved this series (we binged it in two days) and I’m pleased to see such a genuine representation of Queensland in the mid 1980’s resonating globally. The Australian humour is there, the characters are spot on (right down to the ugly mullets) and the representations of the seedy criminal undertones (pre Fitzgerald) and rise of the heroin gangs is a good reminder of what was going on in Brisbane at the time.

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