Introducing Review Filters, Edit Comments and a Ratings revamp

Big changes as Summer Hiatus ends!

  • Revamp of Ratings reports
  • Big new shows back on air
  • TV Tonight summer hiatus ends
  • Annual Programmer Wraps
  • New Review filters
  • New Edit Comment function

Monday is a huge day in TV land, with big new shows back on air and major changes to the way TV Ratings are reported in media.

It’s also the end of summer Hiatus here at TV Tonight meaning the 2024 Programmer Wraps begin with Free to Air execs talking through their annual content.

There are also two new features added to the site from tomorrow: Review filters, to help you with recommendations, and a new Edit Comments function.

TV Ratings

OzTAM has overhauled the way it issues Ratings results to media, marking the biggest changes in two decades.

Ratings will move to 11:35am Sydney time and expand to national results, including BVOD, to better reflect the way we watch.

But it will no longer issue Daily Shares, Multichannel or Subscription numbers separately to media. City by City results are also no longer supplied to media.

Metro results will also no longer be visible, instead focussing on National Reach (1 minute or more viewed and/or 15 secs or more of BVOD), plus National Total TV Audience (including BVOD) and a National BVOD breakout number.

These changes have been pushed by commercial broadcasters, and we’ll have to see how this pans out.  I’m still waiting on some info in order to understand how smoothly I can publish new data and now expect to publish ratings news posts after midday.

History also tells us with any OzTAM change of this magnitude there will likely be losers too. Kerry Packer famously fired David Leckie when Ratings moved from diaries to digital because Nine suddenly lost market share. As we move to National results, will Seven and possibly public broadcasters see improved figures? Time will tell….

Hiatus ends, Programmer Wraps

From Monday, TV Tonight ends Hiatus and resumes posting across weekdays. This week sees back to back Programmer Wraps with TV execs who talk about the coming year. These are lengthy but always full of extra info about upcoming shows!

Review Filters

I’m always looking at ways to improve what the blog can offer and have spent summer building a database of the 1400+ reviews on the site.

From Monday you will see new filters in the Review section designed to help you find recommendations by Genre / Format / Platform / Star Rating and Year. These are powerful tools you can mix and match according to your taste and viewing platforms. No other website offers this level of user functionality and Aussie detail.

This has been a big job to pull together so if you spot any errors please reach out via Contact page. Reviews are categorised via their original platform, dating back to 2007 (some early reviews were without Star Ratings).

Here’s a demo:

Edit Comments

You asked for it, you got it. From Monday there will be an Edit function for Comments which allows you 2 minutes to amend a Comment you have submitted -ideal if you have made a typo. This will be in Beta mode for the time being.

It’s a big week ahead, lots of change and some leaps into the unknown!


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  1. Just thought of a feature idea – would it be possible in the future to hide stories from a particular tagged show from appearing on our homepage? This means that those in WA/SA/QLD etc can avoid timezone spoilers, and also those who watch shows a few days later on delay can visit the site freely without risk of spoilers too.

    1. Interesting, but not to my knowledge. I’m very conscious of WA viewers and most reality wins are published next day. A handful go live, which you can probably count on one hand per year, but I do give advance alerts.

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