NCIS, the prequel….

Mark Harmon will narrate the escapades of a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Procedural franchise NCIS is getting a prequel series, titled NCIS: Origins to focus on a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The show will be set in 1991 with Mark Harmon serving as narrator and will air during the 2024-2025 US season.

The official logline states, “In the series, Gibbs starts his career as a newly minted special agent at the fledgling NCIS Camp Pendleton office where he forges his place on a gritty, ragtag team led by NCIS legend Mike Franks.”

Harmon will executive produce with his son, Sean Harmon, who originally brought the idea of a young Gibbs show to CBS. Sean has previously played a younger version of his father’s character in episodes of NCIS, but he will focus on executive producing the new series and casting for the lead role will begin shortly.

The next iteration will join mothership series NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS: Sydney -yet to be formally renewed for a second season.

David J. North and Gina Lucita Monreal co-write the pilot and will serve as executive producers and co-showrunners on the series.

Source: Variety

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  1. I believe there was at least one later ep of the original series that showed Gibbs as a young US Marine-started out as a spin off couple of eps of ‘JAG’ which, due to the constant daily repeating of that series since 2010, gets an airing a couple of times a year or so. The trouble with any prequel is that you know where it has to end up, particularly as much of Gibbs’ life has been explored in the main series over its very long run.

    1. NCIS was back door piloted in JAG with a double set in the current time of 2003. This started out with Gibbs court-martialing Harm for the murder of Lt. Singer and ends with them killing a terrorist. In NCIS they have done several episodes set in 1991, which is when Gibb’s wife and daughter were killed by a drug lord. Franks helped Gibbs assassinate him, after which Gibbs took an honourable discharge and joined NIS under Franks. They have done other stories from this time including Vance starting out as an NIS agent under Franks and tangling with Eli David, and Franks retiring to Mexico to drink in 1996, after The Brass refused to heed his warnings about Al Qaeda, leaving Gibbs in charge. The assassination also featured in a long arc about Gibb’s past when Abby unearthed it.

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