60 Minutes: Feb 11

Dimity Clancey reports on weight-loss drug Ozempic, plus more on the federal Department of Home Affairs.

Dimity Clancey files her first story as part of the 60 Minutes team on the pursuit of weight-loss drug Ozempic, plus more on the federal Department of Home Affairs.

Reshaping Our World
Blame it on our success as a wealthy western nation, but we live with an enormous problem. Our size. Too many Australians are too big. Everyone knows excess weight is bad for our health, but battling the bulge is a fight too few of us win. And that’s the reason drugs like Ozempic are in such demand. They promise a quick fix to losing kilos, even though they’re not designed as weight-loss remedies. But as Dimity Clancey reports, users need to be very cautious. The Ozempic hype is starting to wither, replaced with the reality that it and similar drugs are risky, even deadly.
Reporter: Dimity Clancey
Producer: Serge Negus

Deadline for Justice
Next Friday marks a significant development in the 17-year-long Madeleine McCann case. The prime suspect in her abduction and presumed murder, convicted paedophile Christian Brueckner, goes on trial in Germany. But not for what it’s thought he did to Maddie. Instead, he will be facing court charged with multiple sex offences against other children and a number of women. Now while it’s not technically about Madeleine, the trial will be an important step for prosecutors in their pursuit of the truth about her death. And as Tara Brown reports, that’s because of the evidence of their star witness, a man who has now spoken publicly for the first time.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Lisa Brown

Home Truths
In this joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Nick McKenzie continues his major probe into the federal Department of Home Affairs, revealing even more questionable dealings in the way it handles contracts worth billions of dollars.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producer: Amelia Ballinger

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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