60 Minutes: Feb 18

60 Minutes speaks to Jimmy Barnes this Sunday following his open-heart surgery.

60 Minutes speaks to Jimmy Barnes this Sunday following his open-heart surgery, plus more on the JonBenét murder saga.

Rock N Recovery
Aussie rock icon Jimmy Barnes has lived his life fast and hard. He is the first to admit he has done plenty of things that haven’t been conducive to longevity. But that’s not the reason he’s so thankful, and lucky, to be alive today. Late last year Barnesy was struck down with an infection in his blood that spread to his heart. He was rushed to hospital where doctors gave him grim news. He was close to death and emergency open-heart surgery was his only option. It was touch and go for a while, and there was more screaming in pain than screaming out hits, but as Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys reports, Jimmy is now out of danger and can’t wait to get back on stage.
Reporter: Sylvia Jeffreys
Producer: Lisa Brown

Follow the Evidence
There is a simple rule every detective learns early in their policing career: Follow the evidence. But it’s a principle that appears to have been forgotten when child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was found strangled in the basement of her family home. Her murder 27 years ago remains unsolved. A substantial reason is that local police investigating her death were convinced JonBenét’s parents were the perpetrators. Other suspects, along with crucial evidence, were ignored. On 60 Minutes, Amelia Adams reveals a breakthrough in the case which JonBenét’s family hope could result in this gruesome mystery finally being solved.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producer: Laura Sparkes

8:30pm Sunday February 18 on Nine.

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