A 28 min Bluey episode is coming!

It's a brand new Bluey episode in April followed by a 28 minute special episode.

The biggest ever Bluey episode, with a running time of 28 minutes is coming to ABC Kids.

The world premiere of “The Sign” will air Sunday 14 April at 8am before becoming available globally.

Patrick Brammall returns as the voice of Uncle Rad, alongside Megan Washington as Calypso, Claudia O’Doherty as Frisky, Myf Warhurst as Trixie, and Rose Byrne as Brandy.

Making their Bluey voice debut are Rove McManus, Deborah Mailman, Brendan Williams and Joel Edgerton.

ABC Head of Children and Family Libbie Doherty said, “We have set the date! “The Sign” – the biggest Bluey episode ever – will premiere in April on the ABC, the home of Bluey. Australian audiences will be the first to watch the 28-minute special, uniting with fans around the globe as they wake up to share in this major broadcast event. Joe Brumm and the team at Ludo have exceeded all expectations – we’re sure this episode will delight and surprise, so get ready.”

Prior to “The Sign” a brand-new regular length episode “Ghostbasket”, will also premiere.

Both episodes are penned by creator and writer Joe Brumm, directed by Richard Jeffery, and produced by Ludo Studio.

Ludo Studio said “We’re so excited to share “Ghostbasket”, a brand-new Bluey episode followed by “The Sign” which is the equivalent to nearly six Chunky Chimps! The crew have worked so hard on these two new episodes, making them the very best that they can be and we can’t wait to share them with a global audience.”

Co-commissioned by ABC Children’s and BBC Studios Kids & Family, Bluey is the #1 kids show on Australian broadcast television, and the most watched series ever on ABC iview.

Managing Director, BBC Kids & Family Cecilia Persson, said: “This is going to be an unmissable event for every Bluey fan worldwide and a fantastic springboard into the incredible world of Bluey for those new to the show who’ve yet to experience its pure joy.”

“Ghostbasket” 8am Sunday 7 April
“The Sign” 8am Sunday 14 April 2024 at 8am, both on ABC Kids and ABC iview.

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  1. So we have:

    Episode 48: “Ghostbasket” : 7th April 2024 @ 8am (7 min)
    Episodes 49->51: “The Sign” : 14th April @ 8am (28min)

    Wonder when we’ll get to see episode 52 to finally conclude season 3 … I’m guessing April 2025.

    I’ll be really interested to see the copyright dates at the end of these episodes, so far all S3 episodes have been 2021…

    1. That’s a really long time to be sitting on a backlog of episodes (even by Aussie standards), but at least they’re being forthright about these episodes coming from the same production cycle instead of disingenuously marketing them as separate seasons.

      1. Correction …

        “The Sign” is 28 mins or Four episodes, so that’s Episodes 49, 50, 51 & 52 to conclude season 3 !!!!

        @Bad Hank … I don’t know if these new episodes are or aren’t from the same production cycle. All I’m saying that so far, all season 3 episodes that have been broadcast on the ABC between Sep 5, 2021 (#1) & Jun 11, 2023 (#47) have an ABC copyright date of 2021 & a Ludo Studios copyright date of 2021 in the end credits.

        I suspect that Ludo & BBC Studios make more money from Bluey toys, pantomimes & video games than they do from TV rights. The ABC gets none of this money, hence the delay in getting season 4 into production. Just my guess. All the ABC has, is 1st worldwide broadcast rights.

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