Airdate: Obituary

An obituarist for the local newspaper seeking more interesting deaths to write about, begins to murder some of the locals.

2023 Irish series Obituary, which combines dark comedy, crime and drama, centres around a small-town obituarist who resorts to murder when she runs out of deaths to cover.

The series stars Siobhán Cullen (Origin, The Dry), Michael Smiley (Luther, The Curse), and Ronan Raftery (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Siege of Jadotville).

24-year-old Elvira Clancy is feeling unfulfilled, although she adores her job writing obituaries. When her newspaper falls on hard times, her boss tells her he is unable to keep her on the payroll and she finds herself being paid per obituary overnight… When she “accidentally” kills a town low-life, she discovers she has a touch of untapped bloodlust. She delights in using even more crafty methods to kill off the town’s unpleasant residents while making them look like accidents. Unfortunately, a spanner lands in the works – the paper hires a suspicious new crime correspondent with a penchant for conspiracy theories, and she really, really likes him.

Thursday 28th March on BritBox.

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