Grant Denyer serenades 94yo Deal or No Deal contestant

It was a feelgood episode of 10's new game show as Phyllis Goldsack was serenaded with the song her late husband sang to her.

Deal or No Deal last night gave 94 year old contestant Phyllis Goldsack a shot at $100,000 last night, no doubt becoming one of Australia’s oldest game show contestants.

Brimming with excitement and attitude, she kept the audience entertained in what was a particularly sweet episode.

Host Grant Denyer even serenaded her with “You Are My Sunshine” -the one and only song her late husband once sang to her when they were dating.

“You have made me so happy,” she told him.

In the end Phyllis walked away with $9,255 which was her best offer from the banker.

“That’s why I do this show!” said Denyer.

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