Neighbours planning 40th anniversary

Ramsay Street will turn 40 in March 2025, with producers already beginning to craft storylines.

Neighbours producers have begun making plans for the soap’s 40th anniversary.

The series began in March 1985 on the Seven Network where it ran for just four months before its cancellation.

It moved to Network 10, after Seven infamously binned the sets, and debuted in January 1986.

While it was again cancelled in 2022, the show was revived in 2023 by Amazon Freevee and Network 10 for two years.

That means it will still be on air in March 2025 and with the lead time required for writing and production plans are underway to mark another anniversary for Australia’s longest running drama.

Executive Producer is known amongst Neighbours fans for bringing back classic cast, and while those such as Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan recently returned (the latter has ruled out any future appearances), they will have to wait to see what’s in store in about a year’s time.

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  1. What has happened to the actress Jenny Young? She made an guest appearance in 2017 after leaving the show 32 years previously. I hope she is okay.
    Are there any plans for Jenny Young to reprise her role.

    Will Vera Punt be added to the open titles as she lives @ number 34 Ramsey Street?

    1. Jenny’s career never seemed to take off. I don’t think she even had any credits in her IMDb between her 1985 Neighbours stint and her 2017 return.

      And dishearteningly, Stefan Dennis once referred to her in an online interview as “Penny”, presumably as even he had forgotten her name!

      Jenny was also absent during all of David’s major storylines after the revelation of Paul being his father, and has not been seen (and only very rarely mentioned) since, and I didn’t expect them to bother bringing her back for David’s funeral either. Her performance in 1985 was fine, but she came off very wooden in 2017, and I also hoped that they would have given her a chance to grow into the role, but I doubt that we’ll ever see her again.

  2. Apparently Kylie Minogue was also really unhappy with the returning for the shows “finale” with it returning months later, so I would guess none of the big names will be back in any capacity.

  3. It was on for longer than four months on ch 7. It started in March 1985 and went to November. If memory serves me. At 50 years, they will have been on air only 49 years. But I guess that it’s still their anniversary.

  4. Will be a big couple of months for soaps turning 40, with Eastenders set to hit the milestone just the month before!!!
    And it is firing on all cylinders at the moment!

  5. 40th year already? A huge achievement for a drama/ soapie.

    They do know how to celebrate a milestone into the show. Whether it’s an anniversary, or for a big amount of episodes aired, it’s usually celebrated. And kudos for doing so.

    Generally, it’s a random viewing of Ramsay Streets Finest Moments “filmed by the characters themselves”, with a random former character joining them to watch the screening to then disappear by shows end. lol. But I still enjoy it.

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