Neil Mitchell joins Sunrise

AFL Hall of Famer Peter Daicos also joins Seven breakfast show.

Former 3AW breakfast broadcaster Neil Mitchell is becoming a Sunrise contributor.

“I have months of pent-up opinion ready to burst out and I am ready to share it with the Sunrise audience.

“I truly am delighted to be back with the Sunrise family after some years away.

“Something I have really missed in my brief time away from morning radio is the opportunity to have an opinion and argue it. You may agree, or not, but believe me I am ready to go!

“I am also keen to be unashamedly Melbourne, which is who I am. Much happens in Melbourne that sets the place for the nation, and I hope to be on top of that.

“I have known Nat for a long time and worked with her often. It will be terrific to return to that. And I have watched Matt from afar – look forward to stirring him up occasionally.

“Best of all, I understand Sunrise has a very loyal and engaged audience and I am very keen to speak with them, even to represent them when relevant. Yes, there will be opinions and debate and news explained. But there will be fun too. There should always be fun in life, and I am sure we will manage that.”

Also joining is AFL Hall of Famer Peter Daicos (pictured right) as an ‘AFL Insider’ for the 2024 season.

Peter Daicos added: “This year promises to be an unpredictable and exhilarating season of AFL football and I am so delighted to be joining the talented Sunrise team for some insightfully different footy discussion and plenty of fun for season 2024.”

Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr said: “One of the things I think people are craving right now is the ability to say what they think and not be shot down in flames for it.

“As he’s shown over the decades, Neil Mitchell is certainly not afraid to share his opinions.

“We warmly welcome Neil and Peter Daicos into the Sunrise extended family and if we all disagree, great! Should be more of it.”

5:30am weekdays on Seven.

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  1. From that press statement, it seems this is Sydney based producers thinking this is what Melbourne audiences would want.
    I’d say they are in for a shock. How many elections do we need to have before the media accepts how out of touch Neil Mitchell is?

  2. “people are craving…the ability to say what they think and not be shot down in flames for it”

    Agree. Australian politics is dominated by angry talkback radio hosts shouting down anyone who doesn’t agree. Would love to hear other opinions.

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