Returning: Better Homes & Gardens

Colin Fassnidge joins the Better Homes team in its 30th season on Seven.

Better Homes and Gardens is back for its 30th season with chef Colin Fassnidge now part of the team.

You can read an interview with executive producer Russell Palmer here.

From great design to clever crafts, brilliant gardening ideas to outstanding recipes, loads of cute pets and plenty more, the Better Homes and Gardens team kick off 2024 with a load of smart budget projects and ideas to ease you into the year.

Must-see segments in the 2024 season return include:

• Johanna and new presenter Colin Fassnidge make a budget-conscious lamb kofta and pita bread

• Adam and Juliet renovate a new homeowner’s kitchen with the smallest budget possible

• Dr Harry gets up close and personal with the little penguins on Phillip Island

• Johanna heads to the Hunter Valley to visit some carbon neutral homes

• Graham takes us to Castlemaine in Victoria to touring a historic hotel with a very practical garden

• Charlie shares how to rejuvenate an uninviting paving area with some clever plant solutions

• Melissa shows how to make a strawberry planter that will save you space and money

7.00pm Friday, 2 February on Seven.

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