Better Homes & Gardens: April 12

Charlie and Juliet makeover a historic miner’s cottage, this Friday night.

This Friday on Better Homes & Gardens Charlie transforms dead grass to an Australiana cottage garden, plus recycling, downsizing and a car-chasing Border Collie.

Johanna – Love Our Planet
Joh meets waste warrior Lottie Dalziel, who likes to talk trash, not trash talk. As the creator of Banish, a recycling education program, she’s in the business of banishing recycling myths to help reduce the amount of waste we put in the wrong bin. But it’s not just education, Lottie shows Joh around BRAD a facility where they can recycle those items you didn’t think could be recycled. Join Joh as she gets a first-hand account of Lottie’s success story and some fantastic tips to transform recycling at your home.

Juliet + Charlie – Love Your Garden
With a young family, it can be difficult finding the time to take care of your home and get it looking exactly how you want. But for one young couple, Charlie and Juliet are here to help. While Charlie transforms the garden from a plain patch of dead grass to an Australiana cottage garden, complete with new fence, Juliet works on beautifying the front of the cottage itself. When they’re done, this historic miner’s cottage won’t just be back to its former glory, it will look better than it’s ever been.

Dr Harry – Backyard Car Chaser Border Collie (Week Two)
Last week, Dr Harry met Tassie, a re-homed Border Collie who has picked up the bad habit of chasing cars up and down the fence line of her new home. Of course, there aren’t any sheep in the suburbs, so Dr Harry’s taking Tassie to the sheep! At a special dog training facility in the country, Dr harry gives Tassie some replacement therapy to work through her deeply ingrained instincts… by herding real animals instead of cars.

Colin – Char-Grilled Squid with Romesco Sauce
Us Aussies love throwing seafood on the barbie and Colin is no different. In fact, Colin’s such a fan of barbecuing, he’s found the solution to a rainy day, bring the barbie inside! Combining the smoky flavours from the barbecue with the Spanish flavours of a romesco sauce really sets this dish off. And while the barbecue is on, you might as well grill some bread to mop up all that wonderful sauce.

Colin – Halloumi, Chorizo & Red Capsicum One Pot Wonder
This is Colin’s go-to entrée when people come over for dinner. Put it in the middle of the table in the pan and let everyone help themselves. We all know onion and garlic go together, but in this dish, the flavours and textures of chorizo and halloumi also complement each other beautifully. Roasted tomatoes round out the Mediterranean feel of the dish that everyone will love. Don’t forget the flatbread to mop up the juices at the end – they’re the best bit!

Adam – Lightly Woven
If you’re looking to install some funky, designer lights in your home, get ready to pull on your rashie and swim, because Adam’s making waves. Using simple pine timber, this wall mounted light fixture gives the impression of a woven basket, but with multi-coloured LED lights behind it, it’s a bit more high-tech than just a basket.

Melissa – Making The Most of your Gardening Space
A couple of years ago Melissa visited landscape Architect Natasha Morgan at her renowned property ‘Oak & Monkey Puzzle.’ But since then, Natasha has downsized and moved to a new property ‘Little Cottage On A Hill’. Intrigued as to what Natasha has been able to achieve on 515 square metres compared to the 5 acres she previously had; Melissa pays Natasha a visit. Like her previous place, this garden will give you inspiration for ideas to try at your place and teach you how to maximise the use of your space and maximise the productiveness of your garden.

Adam – Sticky Runners
You go to grab a spoon to tuck into your favourite tub of chocolate chip ice-cream and the drawer won’t open properly. It’s a disaster! So, Adam will show you some simple tips to get your drawers rolling again and your cutlery within grasp.

Charlie – Tearing Through the Rosemary
Rosemary is a really easy herb to propagate if you follow the right steps. So, Charlie is going to go through these steps to make sure your supply of this versatile herb will never run out.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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