Better Homes & Gardens: June 14

Johanna Griggs meets Hayden Quinn while Graham Ross visits Deepdene Forest Garden.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Johanna meets Hayden Quinn while Graham visits Deepdene Forest Garden.

Johanna – Hayden Quinn: Living Life
A celebrity chef who’s known for loving the beach, travel and generally loving life, Hayden Quinn has been cooking on our screens for over 12 years now. Between running a gym, a cooking studio and training for Dancing With The Stars, he certainly has a lot on his plate. Luckily, he still has time to spend an afternoon with Joh to talk through some recent big events in his life. You can’t interview such an accomplished chef without cooking a little something though, so he shows Johanna how to make a tasty pizza with some tips that will make your next pizza night the best yet.

Colin – The Best Mashed Potato & Shepherds Pie
Shepherd’s Pie is a firm winter family favourite for a reason, it’s easy to make, hearty and full of vegetables. Not only will Colin show you how to make the most delightful Shepherd’s Pie, but he has some great tips on what potatoes to use for different types of cooking and how to make the most delicious mash you’ve ever tasted. You need to try this recipe because you haven’t had a Shepherd’s Pie until you’ve had a Fassnidge Shepherd’s Pie.

Colin – Date Pudding With Dulce De Leche
Sticky date pudding must be one of the most popular desserts, so Colin’s going to show you how to make a version that’s simpler, but even more sumptuous. But what’s a date pudding without sauce, so he also shows you how to make the easiest Dulce De Leche to go with it. Add some whipped cream and you’ve got a decadent dessert for any night of the week.

Juliet – A Touch Of Texture
Despite spending half your life in it, your bedroom is often the one room in the house that gets overlooked when it comes to upgrades. But a well-ordered, aesthetically pleasing room can promote a better night’s sleep and who wouldn’t want that? So, Juliet is going to transform a plain and uninviting bedroom into a bright, yet cozy, soothing space. She isn’t just using colour to achieve this effect though, it’s also about texture to bring out an earthy dimension to the room. Simple yet aspirational in style, texture is key to a cohesive and cosy look that you will love and is easy to achieve.

Charlie – From Grow To Mow
Almost everyone with their own yard has had trouble growing the lawn at some point and resorted to laying new turf. But where does that turf come from? And how is it grown? Well, Charlie’s just the man to answer these questions. He investigates the origin story of our most popular types of turf, to see where it all starts, how it’s grown and find out just how much work has gone on behind the scenes to guarantee that it is suitable for our gardens.

Adam – Planter Seat
When you learn to make a ladder frame, you’ve got the building blocks of a range of builds, including tonight’s project, a bench seat that doubles as a plant pot. Using off the shelf timber, this project only requires basic DIY skills, like cutting and screwing. Adam clads the frame in spotted gum decking boards for a really classy look, that perfectly complements the greenery that goes in the plant pot at the end of the bench. Whether you make it a short one-person bench or longer to enjoy with friends, this seat will improve any backyard.

Dr Harry – Fluffy Duck
Dr Harry might love to be relaxing with that classic cocktail, a fluffy duck, but instead he’s tending to a loved pet, Fluffy THE duck. Fluffy spends her days with her mates, Milo the dog and Holly the cat in a suburban backyard, but she’s not feeling herself lately. Fluffy’s not waddling very far and when she does, she has a distinct limp. Thankfully, Dr Harry is on hand to examine her in the hopes of preventing Fluffy from becoming a lame duck.

Graham – Deepdene Forest Garden Walkaround
A well-designed garden will look good all year-round, and the Deepdene Forest Garden is testament to that. But it’s no surprise, given that it’s rumoured to have been designed in the 1860’s by none other than the creator of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden, Robert Guilfoyle himself. A recent restoration was a collaboration between the designer, landscape team, the garden-loving homeowners and of course nature, to successfully combine the defined heritage-era style with modern landscape practices. This ensured the garden retained its charm, rich horticultural history and will continue to thrive for another hundred and fifty years.

Pete – Barn Style Luxury
If you’ve ever dreamed of winning the lottery and buying a mansion, hold that thought, because Pete’s exploring your dream home. From the moment you walk through the automatic gates, this barn-style home doesn’t fail to impress. Being in Queensland, everything is big, from the butler’s pantry the size of most regular kitchens, to the bedrooms and terrace that’s the pinnacle of indoor-outdoor living. But if all that wasn’t enough, the garden sports its own pool and putt-putt course!

7:30pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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