Better Homes & Gardens: May 24

Joh Griggs visits Dr. Chris Brown at home plus more on Charlie's three-stage front garden makeover.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens, Joh Griggs visits Dr. Chris Brown at home plus more on Charlie’s three-stage front garden makeover.

Johanna – At Home With Dr Chris Brown
Dr Chris Brown might just be the hardest working man in, and out, of television as Joh finds out when she meets the new host of Dream Home. Not only is he gearing up to make some people’s dreams come true, but he’s also going to watch 12 celebrities strut their stuff when he co-hosts the new series of Dancing with The Stars. With the Bondi Vet practice just around the corner, Chris takes Joh for a tour and reveals he still manages to find the time to treat sick and injured animals, despite his busy schedule. But it’s back home where Chris can relax in the garden and enjoy the company of his rescue pets, Buzzy the dog and Cricket the Cat.

Adam – sideboard or table? You decide
Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Take Adam for example. On the surface he’s a jovial, mild-mannered chippy, but he’s about to become a demon on the dancefloor. With that in mind, he‘s making a stylish space-saving sideboard, that can quickly become something else, a dining table big enough to comfortably seat four people. All the materials are off the shelf, so not only is it inexpensive to make, but easy as well. So, if your living space is a bit on the small side, make your furniture work smarter, not harder.

Adam – Mind The Gap
No matter how well your kitchen cupboards were put together, over time they can move, leaving the gaps between the doors and the frame uneven. This can be just a cosmetic issue, but it could mean the doors don’t close properly. If this has happened at your place, don’t worry, it’s an easy fix and Adam will show you how.

Clarissa – Indian Yellow Curry
The weather’s cooling down, so it’s a good time to stay indoors, curl up on the couch with a good book or your favourite tv show and hibernate a little. But you’ll need some food, and a great comfort food is an Indian curry. A curry wouldn’t be a curry without spices, so making the tadka to flavour the whole dish is key. With so many vegetables, cumin, seeds, mustard seeds, chillies, curry leaves and so much more, this dish is packed full of vitamins to keep you healthy and won’t fail to tickle your tastebuds.

Colin – Avocado Farming
In an area known as one of Australia’s food bowls, it’s no surprise to find Colin at a Haas Avocado farm, checking out this delicious fruit. Set on beautiful, red volcanic soil, this area is perfect for growing what’s become a staple of Australian breakfasts. While the farm has plenty of avocado trees growing the traditional way, Colin is introduced to the future of avocado farming which uses a high-tech approach to produce a far greater yield than the old way.

Colin – Goddess Guacamole Wrap With Charred Corn And Chicken
When you visit an avocado farm, there’s really only one thing you should make… and that’s guacamole. Guacamole is a perfect accompaniment, so Colin’s not just going to make the best guacamole but serve it in a wrap with charred corn and poached chicken. Chicken on its own can be quite plain, so he’ll show you how elevate it by injecting lots of flavour. And if Colin can impress an avocado farmer with his guacamole, you’ll definitely impress your friends and family when you make it too.

Charlie – Step By Step Front Yard Design…The Modern Way – Week Two
Charlie’s three-stage front garden makeover has reached stage 2 and after beginning with a detailed plan and replacing the old fence with a modern one, it’s now time for the front entrance to get its own modern makeover. A brand-new timber deck will replace the old concrete stairs and entrance and not only completely change the look of the front of the house, but the way the family will interact with it. With the fence and the front entrance now complete, Charlie will connect these two features with a new driveway featuring a few designer touches.

Melissa – Dried Florals Grown At Home
When your flowers dry out it’s easy to think that’s the end of their life, but as Melissa discovers, it can be only just the beginning. Tonight, she meets a lady who has perfected the art of drying flowers for preservation. If you’re wondering how you too can try this at home, Melisssa will have all the tips you need to give it a go. And since Australian natives are well-suited for this, all you need to do is get out into the garden and start harvesting.

Juliet – Sculptural Embroiderer
Embroidery has been around for thousands of years, largely done the same way. But Juliet is meeting former textiles teacher Meredith, who is well and truly elevating it to a whole new level. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, like coral, plants and flowers, Meredith uses a sewing machine to embroider amazing shapes and structures. So, come for a journey with Juliet through the wonderful world of embroidery where botanicals, art, textiles and machines collide!

Dr Harry – The Big Beaglier
Like us humans, our pet dogs also suffer from the dreaded middle-age spread, especially when loving family members sneak them tidbits after meals. Dr Harry meets Ollie the Beagle and discovers his family has been loving him a little too much when his weight is revealed to be far more than a dog of his size should. To help Ollie through his twilight years in good health, Dr Harry will have to devise a special low-calorie diet, but can Ollie’s family stick to it?

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