Better Homes & Gardens: May 31

Graham Ross visits his favourite flower field on the outskirts of Melbourne, and Joh Griggs meets indigenous chef Mark Olive.

This Friday on Better Homes & Gardens Graham visits his favourite flower field on the outskirts of Melbourne, and Joh Griggs meets indigenous chef Mark Olive.

Johanna – Mark Olive At The Farm
Mark Olive, aka ‘The Black Olive’, is Australia’s most acclaimed indigenous chef. For over 40 years, across numerous television appearances, live events and a best-selling cookbook, he’s been celebrating native ingredients and educating Australians on how to cook with them. Tonight, Joh meets up with Mark at his current restaurant, The Farm Kiosk on the south coast of NSW, to discuss his extraordinary career. But Joh couldn’t leave without getting a cooking lesson firsthand, so Mark shows her his favourite way to prepare barramundi.

Adam – George Smithwick: Tradie Of The Lost Art
As a carpenter by trade, Adam loves working with timber, so when he gets to meet someone who not only works with timber, but is keeping a woodworking trade alive, he’s as happy as a chippy can be. Tonight, he meets George Smithwick, a 6th generation cooper, which is someone who makes a watertight vessel, like a beer or wine barrel. Adam’s in his element as he gets a lesson in making a small bucket. Will his bucket leak? Will he ever leave George’s workshop? Tune in to find out.

Colin – Chocolate-Orange Mousse With Homemade Honeycomb
Everyone needs a good chocolate dessert in their repertoire, and this is Colin’s. While some TV shows will show you desserts that take hours and hours to make, Colin knows everyone is busy and doesn’t have time for all that, so this is the simplest, quickest and most indulgent chocolate mousse you can make. The bitterness of dark chocolate, zestiness of the orange and the sweetness of the honeycomb complement each other perfectly to create a party in your mouth.

Graham – So Much To Love About Liliums
They’re big, bold and beautiful, so Graham’s going to teach you everything you need to know about Liliums. At his favourite flower field on the outskirts of Melbourne, Graham finds over half a million flowers blooming with vibrant colour and filling the air with their sweet perfume. He catches up with old mate Tim Drewitt, whose family have been growing Liliums and flowering bulbs for the last 50 years. Graham will also show you how easy it is to plant these glorious flowers and because Liliums can be grown just about anywhere, you won’t have a problem doing so at your place, no matter where you live.

Charlie – Step By Step Front Yard Design… The Modern Way Stage 3
Over three weeks, Charlie has been giving the front of this classic Aussie home, a thoroughly modern makeover. From planning it all out to building a new fence, overhauling the front entrance area with a stylish deck and then connecting those two elements with a stepping stone path. Now it’s time to create an entertaining area and a bold, modern Australian garden to finish the look. And if you think an entertaining area is only for the back yard, wait until you see the result!

Juliet – Stylish Energy Savers
The cooler months are fast approaching so it’s time to turn your home into a cosy winter retreat before the temps really plummet! There are lots of easy things you can do around your home to warm it up, from door draft stoppers to heaters and rugs, Juliet has some solutions that won’t just do the job, they’ll do it with style.

Melissa – Dangling Dried Flower Design
If you were inspired by Melissa’s story last week about drying flowers, this week she has a project to create a wall hanger that’s perfect for displaying them. With just a couple lengths of dowel and some string, you too can create a super simple frame in no time, perfect for displaying your newly dried florals.

Juliet – Organise Your String
If you’ve ever used string for your craft, in the kitchen or kids’ projects, you’ll know how annoying it is when it gets tangled up when stored. But with a couple of clever hacks, you can avoid those annoying tangles and store them in a pretty way too.

Dr Harry – Pecked-On Coco
There’s trouble in the henhouse and only one man can fix it. Dr Harry’s helping a family with a chicken who’s being picked on by her fellow fowl. With a large area to run around and a palatial coop, the 17 chickens that live here want for nothing. But poor Coco has been pecked at so much she’s missing half her feathers! Dr Harry has some solutions, but will they work, or will Coco lose her place in the pecking order.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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