Better Homes & Gardens: April 19

Johanna & Colin are in Uluru, while Dr. Harry visits the Australian War Memorial.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Johanna & Colin are in Uluru, while Dr. Harry visits the Australian War Memorial.

Johanna + Colin – Exploring Uluru
Whether you’ve visited Uluru before, like Johanna, or it’s on your bucket list, like Colin, there’s always something new to discover. About half a billion years old, Uluru is a natural wonder and at night the red desert comes alive with a spectacular drone show that marries ancient storytelling using modern technology. With Uluru behind him, Colin cooks with a local chef, using local ingredients to make a charred damper with bush tomato romesco and green ants. Cultural storytelling, cooking and creativity in the desert is our Uluru treat!

Charlie – Front Yard Edible Entertainer
The front yard is often a nothing spot, like a giant welcome mat for the front of your home. So, Charlie is going to show you how to make the most of this underutilised space with three gardens in one; a veggie garden, entertaining area and a stunning spot that won’t just welcome your visitors, but wow them.

Dr Harry – Mick, Deets & Our Wartime Animal Legends
It’s almost Anzac Day… a day to not only remember our Aussie veterans from wars past and present but to also pay our respects to the animals that served alongside them. In the heart of the country, Dr Harry meets Mick, a member of the Riverina Light Horse troop, who travels the country sharing his passion and knowledge of our famous Aussie Light horse legends. Harry will also meet Mick’s animals, Deets the rescue Waler, Plonkey the Donkey and Winnie the mascot dog who help Mick keep alive the memory of Anzac, and the animals who have contributed so much.

Graham – The Australian War Memorial
On the 25th of April Australians across the country come together to remember and pay our respects to the Anzacs who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Tonight, Graham is visiting The Australian War Memorial in Canberra, a Memorial and Museum dedicated to all Australians who died serving their country and to those who continue to serve our nation in war, conflict and operations. Join Graham as he takes you through the iconic galleries, gardens, roll of honour and the Pool of Reflection.

Adam + Juliet – Terrific Toddler Room
While families can grow quite easily, unfortunately your home cannot. So, if you can’t grow your home, you need to get creative with the space you’ve got. Adam & Juliet will transform a small room from a workspace and playroom into a terrific toddler’s “big boy” bedroom, complete with plenty of storage and a sanctuary for relaxation. Using off the shelf components keeps the cost low, but handmade wooden artworks will give it a bespoke feel and be perfect for a little boy who loves to play.

Clarissa – Maylaysian Fried Chicken
Chicken wings are a cost-effective way to feed your family, but when Clarissa puts her magic touch on them, they’ll be one of the most delicious ways to feed your family too. A soy, ginger and lemongrass-based marinade perfectly complements the dry ingredients, herbs and spices. Whether it’s for just your family or for a dinner party with friends, this one is definitely a crowd pleaser.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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