The Chase in ratings battle with Tipping Point

Seven's game show had the edge on Wednesday, but Nine's new contender is breathing down its neck.

The Chase is ahead in TV’s new game show wars, but Tipping Point was hot on its heels yesterday.

The Chase reached 1.24m viewers, edging out Tipping Point‘s 1.13m -but in National TV Audience Seven was only in front by a sliver of 6,000 viewers.

In the Reality TV battle MAFS reached 2.48m, easily in front of Australian Idol (1.59m). 7:30 followed at 1.11m then Hard Quiz (949,000) and Ambulance Australia (826,000).

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering returned to 932,000 viewers then Below Deck Down Under (807,000), This is Going to Hurt (783,000) and FBI International (523,000).

SBS reached 578,000 for Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle.

2024 Survey begins on Sunday.

National Total TV: Wednesday 7 February 2024

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  1. I must be odd, because when I first happened upon the English version of tipping point I thought “oh its a game show based on that stupid machine at the arcade that nobody ever plays, how stupid!” then I watched the show and walked away happy with my assessment and haven’t watched any version since.

  2. I love Tipping Point and I like Tipping Point Aus – one thing I don’t like is the audience for the Aus version – it’s a bit naff and also too much interaction with family members. Part of the excitement of TP is being on the spot having to make a decision about trades with no input from family – there is too much chatter on the Aus version. But it’s a good cousin – our version had big shoes to fill!

  3. Strewth! Given that wafer thin margin and knowing Seven’s regional dominance (especially with this show)… TP must be killing it in Five City Metro (which until they stopped the split codings Chase had been owning since 2015/2016)! Just 12 months ago occasional Chase episodes were over 600k metro, 1m national… Seven, ITV and Laz won’t be too happy now I’d bet. Fascinating space this.

    1. You know Seven are worried when they’re using Facebook to post videos of Laz dancing at his daughter’s wedding. Tipping Point was always a big risk because of the success it had at 3pm and age of The Chase. Seven should have increased the maximum prize to $1 million to raise the stakes but they thought “double trouble” was enough and were too cheap.

  4. Tipping Point is on at 4pm in WA. Shame we don’t still get city ratings as it would be interesting to know how it’s rating in that timeslot. Not terribly high I’d think, in which case TP is possibly winning in the east coast at 5pm

    1. I also miss the city ratings. It would be interesting to see if your theory about Tipping Point winning the east coast but not rating particularly well in Perth is accurate as it is entirley plausable, especially since Millionaire Hot Seat used to regularly win on the east coast while performing poorly in Perth.

  5. yeah..they’ve tweaked it so it’s holding interest right to end.could be 9 is showing the more exciting shows right from the start,i guess to create suspense.can only think of 1 ep where the contestant turned down a trade,and only 1 where the trade failed.todd is ok.

    1. I agree!!!! didn’t expect to like Todd. They are exciting to the end bcos I still think magnets are used to keep the counters from filling gaps straight behind the Jackpot counter

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