The Dog House: Feb 8

Can new familes bond with a bull-Arab pup, a one-year-old labrador and a placid cattle dog?

This week on The Dog House

Couple Candice and Daniel Pikari have a boisterous brood of four kids who just want a dog to play with and add to the beautiful chaos of their family. However, the Pikari’s have a deeper reason for granting their childrens’ wish…the family suffered a heart-breaking tragedy when three of their children were involved in a school bus crash. All the children need a support dog, but in particular eldest daughter Awheata who needs a four-legged friend to help her heal from the ordeal. They are hoping four-month-old bull-Arab pup Boof can be a little best-buddy for everyone.

Young couple Justine and Nick have just bought their first house, and they’re eager to turn it into a home by adopting a dog. One-year-old labrador Taffy is playful enough to suit their active lifestyle, and first-time dog owner Nick is smitten. But Justine, who has more experience with owning dogs, is concerned that Taffy may be too energetic for them.

Kerrie Searle is an animal communicator with a gift for understanding trauma in animals. She has brought her dogs Daisy and Ralph to the AWL because they have told her that it’s time to get a third playmate. The matchmakers think placid cattle dog cross Bonnie could be the perfect fit, and Kerrie agrees, but no matter what the humans think, it’s Daisy and Ralph who will decide if Bonnie will be welcomed into their gang.

7:30pm Thursday on 10.

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