The Matchmakers: Feb 14

Three matchmakers attempt to help singles from Jewish, Hindu and Islamic communities.

New SBS series The Matchmakers begins tonight on SBS.

Tonight three matchmakers begin the process of pairing up their most recent unlucky-in-love singles.

Matchmaker Toby pitches two singles to her Jewish community networks. Karen, who at 42 remains hopeful there’s still a chance to have a family and Becky, a Paediatric Registrar, who is looking for someone who will join her in a true partnership. But first, they both must submit to Toby’s unique approach and learn to trust her matchmaking instincts.

When you marry an Indian person, you’re not just marrying the individual, you’re marrying the entire family. Hindu Recruitment Consultant, Abhi is a great catch, with a good job and newly built home… right out the back of mum and dad’s house.

In Melbourne’s Heidelberg Mosque, Sheikh Alaa Elzokm marries one of dozens of couples he’ll unite over the year. But his Matchmaking work begins long before the wedding day. 41-year-old Hospitality Manager, Volkan has been married once before and is ready to try to love again. Although divorce is accepted in the Islamic faith, the Sheikh knows that culturally it can be a deterrent for other singles.

7:30pm Wednesday February 14 on SBS.

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