Has SBS moved to 8:40pm starts?

"We're mindful that we want audiences to be able to finish the show that they're on and start afresh with us."

This week SBS premiered Hitler’s Jewish Soldier in an 8:40pm slot.

Next week The Matchmakers (pictured) will also debut at 8:40pm Wednesday and Last Chance to Save a Life at 8:40pm on Thursday. Psychedelics: Stepping Into the Unknown will also have an 8:40 start.

Has the broadcaster made a deliberate move to launch new shows when rival Reality shows are winding down, in order to ensure viewers can catch theirs at a practical junction?

“We look at everybody’s schedules, and we’re mindful that we want audiences to be able to finish the show that they’re on and start afresh with us,” SBS Channel Manager Natalie Edgar tells TV Tonight.

Does that mean they have commissioned 7:30 shows to run a little longer than previously? Yes and no…

“When we’re talking about durations of commissions, we want the best story. We’re not necessarily a slave to the time. So if the story lends itself to running a little bit long, and it helps us in terms of the way that we’re scheduling the linear schedule, then so be it.”

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  1. These tactics are partly responsible for the decline in viewers. How can the viewers become loyal to show or brand when start and/or end times vary from week to week or show to show. Eventually we loose interest and head to streaming or other things.

  2. Might work if you’re switching over to SBS from 10, but MAFS regularly runs at 90 minutes, and almost every episode of Australian Idol this series has run until 9.15pm.

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