First a dinner party, then a bunfight on Wednesday

Three networks were in a close tussle for viewers after 8:30 last night.

There was a close battle for viewers after 8:30pm last night between ABC, Nine and Seven, while the latter also came out on top in AFL panel shows.

Married at First Sight was again tops at 1.56m in National TV Audience, defeating The 1% Club (795,000), Hard Quiz (673,000), 7:30 (667,000), then The Dog House just 291,000 and Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr. Michael Mosley (213,000).

Later it was a bunfight as The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (547,000), Under Investigation  and The Front Bar (both 536,000) all battled for viewers. Ambulance Australia drew 301,000.

Nine News averaged 1.06m while A Current Affair with with 1.05m then Tipping Point (585,000). Footy Classified was 110,000.

Seven News won with 1.22m then Home & Away (765,000) and a win for The Chase at (592,000). Talking Footy was 224,000.

ABC News drew 815,000. This Is Going to Hurt (254,000) and Planet America (223,000) followed.

10 News First was 309,000 then The Project (296,000) and Deal or No Deal (295,000). FBI: International managed 134,000 / 75,000.

On SBS it was Hidden Volcano Abyss (194,000), SBS World News (162,000 / 129,000). Kin was 67,000.

Sunrise: 363,000
Today: 301,000
News Breakfast: 241,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 13 March 2024

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  1. It’s almost like groundhog day when MAFS is running. Nothing moves much, audiences are hooked. Those shares for Nine are incredible- 47% in 16-39s across all platforms and almost 60% of all 16-39 year old catch up viewers.

    1% Club and Idol have done well to hold respectable figures against it but they’re simply dwarfed by MAFS no matter how you look at it. What’s also amazing is Ten and Seven seem to just accept MAFS dominance now and they seem so scared they don’t throw anything new up against it.

    With the relative success of 1% Club and shows like Hard Quiz and The Hundred I am surprised no network has announced a local version of The Floor yet. It won’t crush MAFS but would surely do better than Dog House or whatever lame crap Seven and Nine are airing post 8:30pm.

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