Little House on the Prairie reunion

Original cast members of the 1970s US classic reunited at a fan festival to celebrate a 50th anniversary.

Original cast members of the 1970s US classic Little House on the Prairie have reunited at a fan festival to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Melissa Gilbert(Laura Ingalls Wilder), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls, a.k.a. “Ma”) and Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) joined with other supporting cast at Simi Valley’s Rancho Santa Susana Park, in California, where the series was shot 200-plus episodes across nine seasons from 1974 – 1983.

Melissa Gilbert had a ready answer when asked why fans always seem to burst into tears whenever they see her in person.

“Because I do! I think it’s just, you know … the show evokes so much emotion in people and made everybody feel,” Gilbert said. “So when they see us, they have the feels, and then the leftover feels from 50 years ago. Now they’re feeling it again through children and grandchildren. There’s this continuity and sense of family. This is a giant family reunion.”

Also attending are Bonnie Bartlett (Grace Edwards), Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) and Linwood Boomer (Adam Kendall).

The festival also features lots of panels with the original stars, as well a tributes to star and creative fore Michael Landon (who died in 1991) as well as other Little House stars who have passed.

“Our relationship immediately became parental,” she continued. “But he treated us when he worked with us like contemporaries, not like kids.”

Melissa Sue Anderson, 61, who played Mary Ingalls did not attend.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I was a staunch fan of this show when a young teenager. (And The Waltons). Both for me was essential viewing. I had a enormous crush on both Michael Landon and Richard Thomas. Heartbroken when Michael died. My fave female was Laura herself, ie Melissa Gilbert. Then Ma. Couldnt stand Nellie Oleson or her mother, and always wondered what on earth Nels saw in the mother. Thank you for posting this info. I did buy a few of the Little House dvds (mostly with mags from the Newsagent,years ago. I also bought 2-3 The Waltons dvds. I saw virtually all Waltons eps. With Little House, I vaguely remember when Mary went blind. That was so shocking. But it was lovely when she met, then married Adam Kendall – played by actor/director/producer, Linwood Boomer.. Ive seen his name attached to a couple of things. I also loved it when Laura married Almanzo Wilder ‘Manny’. Little House and The Waltons both true classics.

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