The 1% Club wins entertainment slot on Tuesday

Tuesday saw a double dose of Gordon Ramsay, but Jim Jefferies came out on top.

Without a certain ratings juggernaut in play last night, there was a shift in (non) ratings results.

The 1% Club won its slot averaging an impressive 906,000 in National TV Audience and helped Seven to win the night.

That was ahead of 7:30 (702,000), I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (654,000), the debut of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars (581,000) and Back Roads (566,000).

Later The Hundred with Andy Lee wrapped with 493,000 ahead of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (355,000) and Better Date than Never (285,000). Insight was 163,000.

Elsewhere a Socceroos game on 10 BOLD reached 627,000 with an average of 257,000 across its broadcast.

National Total TV: Tuesday 26 March 2024

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  1. Lee Mack was great, funny and engaging.

    Jim Jefferies is an obnoxious unfunny clown.

    I enjoyed the UK show and for the first time didn’t have to record just so I could skip over JJ’s speil.

    1. I totally agree that Jim Jefferies is an obnoxious unfunny clown. I will also add smug and an idiot and offensive, and indifferent to what he says.

  2. Yes Im a broken record. But it still stands. Removing the spare/sister digital channels from the ratings isnt helping the viewing. Surely there must be others like me who wont watch what I call certain rubbish shows ala The 1% Club, and etc. Not a fan of Gordon Ramsay, and depends who celebs are if i watch the Jungle Show. So far the only 1 I like is Frankie Muniz (and I didnt watch his show). The fact that the spare channels shows are no longer being recorded ie for ratings, how do we know what they rate in comparison with the main/prime channels. I still much prefer the former ratings system as to me it was more fairer as everything was laid out, including state by state. This way the only channels who win are the main/primary ones.

  3. I watched Food Stars and really enjoyed the pitches. I thought there were many great ideas, however if I understand the concept correctly only one person will win the $250k and the mentoring. I’m not sure about the next phase where people get knocked out, I think I’d rather a show where we see each contestants idea gets developed. Anyway, i’ll give it a go tonight and see how I feel after that.

    1. Shiraz: I Enjoyed it as well.
      will try Bee nrg in canning bridge i live in perth.
      the ideas were so cool especially lady with the egg you keep for 3 months

    1. Maybe they will prefer the challenges tonight. Personally I preferred the pitching. It’s a short run season and Nine has strategically launched in quiet period with MAFS and Lego Masters to do a job.

      1. Exactly and 400k metro (I’m guessing) is nothing to sneeze at for such a show. 1% just gets a high older and regional audience and that’s really just a ‘hit filler’ as Seven seem to program it now. Can’t imagine Seven are thrilled they have to waste it essentially in non-survey either. Notably: 1% ran 3rd in the key demographics. A good night for 10 by the way: Deal (Top 30 and very close to lead-out Project) and Celebrity (up with no Married and won demos). But ouch for NCIS! Big night for Tipping Point too.

        1. Waste?

          With those numbers, it gave them new viewers for when the competition is tougher.

          And it also served as an incentive for viewers to try the UK version tonight, which they hope will also score.

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