Tipping Point wins Wednesday game show battle

Deal or No Deal ranked higher than The Project for the first time yesterday.

The game show battle may not have yet settled into a definitive trend, but so far Nine’s Tipping Point is quietly amassing its wins -while Deal or No Deal ranked higher than The Project for the first time yesterday.

Married at First Sight topped National TV audience at 1.61m viewers.

The 1% Club drew 814,000 then Hard Quiz (710,000), 7:30 (681,000). At some distance were The Dog House (273,000) and Australia’s Sleep Revolution (189,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (620,000), Under Investigation (564,000), The Front Bar (523,000), This is Going to Hurt (289,000), Ambulance Australia (266,000),

Nine News drew 1.09m then A Current Affair (1.04m) and Tipping Point (620,000). Nine News Late was 278,000.

Seven News led with 1.27m then Home & Away (772,000) and The Chase (603,000). Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera was 123,000.

ABC News averaged 823,000. Planet America drew 226,000.

10 News First pulled 317,000 then Deal or No Deal (287,000) and The Project (276,000). FBI: International was 134,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (185,000 / 166,000), Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You (117,000), Mastermind (76,000) and Kin (33,000).

Sunrise: 377,000
Today: 305,000
News Breakfast: 229,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 20 March 2024

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  1. The OG Tipping Point with Ben reigns supreme! I like TP Australia but I don’t love it yet. The audience chatter is annoying to me and I like the contestant just having to sit in their own uncomfortable having to make decisions without input from family or the audience. It also annoys me how we don’t see the trade play out if they don’t take it – the ‘what might have been’ is part of the enjoyment!

  2. I looked at the Jimmy Carr thing on SBS-lasted about 15 minutes-as a British show, many of the questions relied on things like knowledge of Pommy supermarket chains-not very entertaining contestants either-didn’t rate very well considering the heavy promotion for it by SBS.

  3. it was the prevalent opinion that seven was winning the news because of a stronger lead in by the chase over hot seat.with the change in the ratings reporting,i can’t tell if that’s bearing up or not..with tipping point now pretty well even with the chase.

    1. I watch Tipping Point and switch over to 7 news. I find the advertising for 9 News to be too sensational…..
      I want news, not Tabloid fodder (And that goes for all that keep ‘jumping on’ celebrity news)!

      1. Wow, and you find 7 better than 9? They’re both the lowest common denominator of supposed news. If you don’t want tabloid then you should go to ABC.

        1. Even ABC news is no longer the quality it was. I want local news and only watch 10 minutes
          I find ABC prioritise international news and I want to know what’s happening at home first

    2. I agree that seven news appears to be close to 200k more irrespective of the lead in which is similar to last year (yes the rating systems have significantly changed so YOY comparisons are virtually impossible). The other thought is that the chase hasn’t declined, rather tipping point seems to have added eyeballs to this time slot (again, YOY comparisons all but impossible).

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