Airdate: The Marlow Murder Club

2024 murder mystery drama from the producers of Death in Paradise coming to Seven.

Seven will screen 2024 UK drama The Marlow Murder Club featuring Samantha Bond, Jo Martin and Cara Horgan in late April.

The 3 part series from the producers of Death in Paradise debuted in the UK last month.

Retired archaeologist Judith Potts lives alone in a faded mansion in the peaceful town of Marlow, filling her time setting crosswords for the local paper. During one of her regular evening swims in the River Thames, Judith hears a gunshot coming from her neighbour’s garden, and believes that a brutal murder has taken place. When the local police – led by newly promoted DS Tanika Malik – are reluctant to believe her story, Judith starts her own investigation and discovers Stefan Dunwoody, her neighbour, in his garden, shot dead! Ignoring Tanika’s warnings to leave matters to the police, Judith examines a unique piece of evidence left at the crime scene.

Whilst consoling Stefan’s colleague, Judith discovers that the arrogant owner of the local auction house, Elliot Howard, had argued with Stefan weeks before the murder, in front of witnesses at the Marlow Regatta. Judith pays a visit to the auction house to interrogate Elliot, but ultimately her suspicions lead to a dead end. Judith attempts to dig further into Elliot’s alibi by recruiting unfulfilled vicar’s wife Becks Starling to her investigation – Becks is tempted, but decides that she can’t be involved. An ominous warning message leaves Judith even more determined to catch the killer, and a shocking development in the case forces Tanika to reconsider Judith’s story. Meanwhile, local dog-walker and empty nester Suzie Harris makes a terrible discovery.

9pm Tuesday April 30 on Seven.

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  1. Love Samantha Bond (as Moneypenny from Brosnan’s Bond no pun intended in the 90s to Midsomer Murders, Downton Abbey and everything in-between)! Promos saying “Britain’s No. 1 new hit”.

  2. Thorogood started writing the novels after stepping back from Death In Paradise, and they have been popular.

    The first novel The Marlow Murder Club filmed was done PBS and UKTV and aired in two parts in the UK in March. Reviews described it as a fairly unaspiring cosy murder mystery. Though are a lot of women in villages solving murders these days.

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