The Marlow Murder Club: May 7

After recruiting vicar’s wife Becks and local dog-walker Suzie to the investigation, the trio uncover key evidence that leads to a shocking revelation.

This week on The Marlow Murder Club

When local dog walker and empty-nester Suzie Harris becomes personally involved in the case, she and her beloved German Shepherd dog Luna join Judith’s investigation. Meanwhile Becks uses her social skills and Marlow connections to uncover Stefan’s shady past, and finds herself enjoying being a part of the investigation more than anything she’s done in years. Becks decides to join Judith and Suzie, and the trio carry out a diversion at the local auction house to follow a trail of clues left by the murder weapon – an antique gun! Suspecting an eccentric local weapons collector with an alarming secret, the group pay him a visit but their questioning proves inconclusive. Judith puts herself in danger when she tries to make a citizen’s arrest during a suspicious local break-in, but her intervention leads Becks to discover a possible motive, and the police to find new forensic evidence to test.

Despite Tanika’s continued warnings to stay away from the case, Judith, Becks and Suzie continue to investigate, following the trail of a key clue that has baffled the police. Judith spots a pattern in the evidence and, with help from the friendly local magnet fishers, the trio uncover new evidence at the crime scene that leads them to a breakthrough, and a chilling discovery – they have a serial killer on their hands! Can the team stop the murderer before they strike again?

9pm Tuesday May 7 on Seven.

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