Ursula Heger to present 10’s Late News

'Digital first' bulletin will screen first on 10 Play and YouTube before linear television.

Senior journalist Ursula Heger will host 10’s Late News, a return of the late news bulletin to Network 10 from late April.

The national news bulletin will be ‘digital first’ streaming 10pm AEST weeknights live on 10 Play and 10 News First’s YouTube channel, and broadcast at 10.30pm on 10.

Heger joined 10 in 2011, Ursula and has covered the war in Ukraine, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the COVID pandemic, Black Summer bushfires, Royal and Prime Ministerial visits and more.

Martin White, VP Broadcast News said, “10 is synonymous with Late News, and this new bulletin is a key part of our strategy of taking our news into the streaming future. Ursula is a highly respected, top-class journo who’ll do a great job of continuing 10’s proud legacy of late-night news.”

Rashell Habib, Head of Digital News & Strategy said, “The late news will play a major part in catering to the ever-growing audiences consuming 10 News First at all times of the day and night and on multiple platforms, whether in bed, on the couch or on a late shift. The late news will cater to everyone, wherever they are.”

Ursula Heger said, “I’m thrilled to have been chosen to bring you the late news as our presenter. Ten’s Late News with Sandra Sully was an important part of many people’s evening ritual for so many years. She and the team brought you the news that mattered to you: from live coverage of September 11 to the financial crisis that impacted everyone’s lives.

“I’m thoroughly looking forward to taking up the baton of 10’s new late news bulletin, as we bring you the latest breaking news, stories that matter, with analysis to help us all deal with an ever-changing world of new technology and shifting social norms. I will work to ensure 10’s Late News is important viewing to all of you. Giving you the facts, so you can make decisions for your lives.”

Begins 10pm AEST weeknights on 10 Play / 10:30pm on 10.

5 Responses

  1. They should have snuck in at 9:30.
    10:30 isn’t going to rate, not due to quality but due to its lead-in(s).

    I know I know, everyone thinks they’re a programmer, but this is obvious.
    They could have done something the others can’t/won’t. A consistent [and] earlier slot.

    Nobodys gonna miss FBI or whatever they try/fail there now.

  2. Is this going to be every night or only when she is in town?! Much like Narelda Jacobs doing the 12 noon news, she is not always there. People get connected with the one host.

  3. Difficult to see why 10 is bothering with a late night bulletin given all the other networks already have examples in what is a crowded market with a limited possible audience.

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