Which game show pays out more prize money?

Across a week of 5 shows, the (surprising) results on the biggest pay day are in.

Deal or No Deal gave away more money in prizes than Tipping Point or The Chase last week.

TV Tonight chose a week at random to see which afternoon game show was likely to give away the most money.

Last week all three gave away single prizes of $40,000 or more, but it was 10’s Grant Denyer-hosted game show which gave away the most overall.

The Chase  $0
Tipping Point $40,000
Deal or No Deal $5,000

The Chase $0
Tipping Point $3500
Deal or No Deal $47,277

The Chase: $42,000
Tipping Point: Maintenance bundle valued over $3,000
Deal or No Deal: $4950

The Chase: rpt $0
Tipping Point: $2600
Deal or No Deal: $450

The Chase: rpt $0
Tipping Point: rpt $0
Deal or No Deal: $3200


Deal or No Deal: $60,877
Tipping Point: $46,100 + prizes worth $3000
The Chase: $42,000

While 10 screened 5 new episodes, Nine screened 4 and Seven screened just 3.

Yet despite 10 giving away the most cash it doesn’t translate to the best ratings, with the network trailing the competition.

Of course the results were just for last week, meaning on any given week they could differ considerably.

And not forgetting Hard Quiz also gave away its weekly Big Brass Mug.

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  1. Congrats to ten for taking the risk with a good product and high prize money with Deal against the might of 7 and 9 news. It’s a great show. Grant is less fake too. But surely ratings numbers are not working. I just hope 10 don’t axe the show completely. Any other time slot it would be a ratings winner. Would love to see it at 5.30 against Chase and Tipping Point with News at 6-7pm.

  2. I see less of an issue with The Chase not giving away much (if anything) most nights and more with Seven/itv/whoever being so stingy in playing only three new episodes per week (and during Easter week, it was all repeats while the others played new eps). And Tipping Point is already in repeats a couple of months in? No wonder Thursdays-Saturdays on FTA are dead when even the game shows are repeats.

    The Chase could dish out more prize money if more contestants went for the higher offers (which are usually not all that high anyway).

    Though about a month or so ago, there was a hilariously stupid pair of contestants (the third and fourth after the first two got knocked out) that both went for the low offer (the fourth got chased down as well). With the odds already stacked against you, one may as well go big. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze going into the studio at your own expense (not to mention the humiliation of losing) for a mere $1,000.

  3. It’s not fair to judge Deal’s ratings when it’s up against Ch 7 and 9 news.

    I’ve certainly enjoyed Deal during its reruns on Ten’s multichannels at various times of the day.

  4. We need another game show that would give money away nightly. I’ve stopped watching The Chase as too many times the contestants get nothing.
    Should look at bringing back Sale of the Century or Wheel of Fortune, at least on those shows people would win money nightly rather than going away with nothing.

    1. yes, gone are the days of Great Temptation & “$64,000 dollar questions”

      the no prize shows on abc & sbs say it all, contestants just want to get their face on tv

  5. How do the finances work in tv game shows?

    I understand that there are prize indemnity clause insurances that the producer buy, just in case a contestant wins big.

    How much of the prize money is budgeted by the producers?

  6. Watching a lot of Tipping Point UK it is so rare to see the £10k win, yet alone a X2. There have been multiple wins in the same week on the Aussie version and already atleast 1 X2 I have seen, not to mention the $50k eps. I am surprised how much money they give away……still a massive step down from Hot Seat for Nine.

  7. Thank you for demonstrating there’s no link between higher prize money and ratings. Deal or no Deal is a poor performer yet Ten, perhaps not wisely for their balance sheet, are giving away the most money on it. I also had no idea Seven and Nine were saving money by slotting in repeats in the back end of each week- is that common and how long has it been going on?

    1. RE; 10 and Deal or No Deal

      That is fair, but it also wonder how much BTS it takes to run the other shows with a Quiz format. Surely they have to pay for question writers.

      While DonD, the game is largely luck-based and a contestants risk management.

  8. Money aside, Tipping Points promos are brilliant. Seven must be fans of them because they’ve been extremely similar in the way their promoting The Chase recently. I’ve always loved Grant but 6pm is news time in our house

    1. That is what Ten is attempting to do, change viewing habits. I don’t watch news at 6pm coz l can watch the headlines on Sky or ABC 24 anytime, but that’s me.

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