Airdate: ABBA: Against the Odds

50th anniversary special, with rare footage and exclusive photographic memories to screen on ABC.

50th anniversary special ABBA: Against the Odds, jointly funded by European broadcasters including BBC, ARD/WDR, France Télévisions, SVT and DR, will screen on ABC in June.

Featuring re-discovered archive, exclusive never-before-seen stills and previously unheard stories, the film is a roller-coaster journey of love, struggle, fame and – of course – epic songs.

Telling the epic story of ABBA’s greatest period of musical achievement framed between the albums ‘Arrival’ (1976) and ‘Super Trooper’ (1980), this is the story of ABBA’s deeply personal and perilous journey through the band’s most transformative years and rise to global fame.

With unprecedented access to SVT (Swedish public television) archives including rare footage that capture the band’s rise to fame and the intense negativity they faced at home. With privileged insights from sources close to the band complete with exclusive photographic memories, rare footage, unique band archive from behind the Iron Curtain and several exclusive access interviews that have either never aired or were thought lost since transmission. This is the untold story of ABBA.

8:30pm Sunday June 9 on ABC.

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