Eurovision 2024 boosts SBS on Sunday

Even without Australia performing, viewers kept the Eurovision love alive. The Summit return finishes third in its slot.

The Eurovision Song Contest Final has seen SBS draw a bumper share of  13.4% on Sunday, likely its biggest share so far this year, despite Australia not performing -that’s up on 2023’s 11.4% when Voyager performed.

While the evening replay averaged 226,000 viewers across a lengthy broadcast, Reach numbers now allow us to see 927,000 watched a minute or more. The Live morning broadcast averaged a further 209,000 with a Reach of 508,000.

Meanwhile Farmer Wants a Wife led entertainment at 1.09m in Total TV Audience surpassing MasterChef Australia was 709,000, its best Sunday so far, the return of The Summit (583,000), Call the Midwife (486,000) and Eurovision.

Later 7News Spotlight led with 547,000 then 60 Minutes (477,000), FBI (330,000. 212,000) and After the Party (278,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.25m. The Latest pulled 292,000.

Nine News averaged 1.16m with a late edition at 229,000. Footy Furnace was 85,000 where it screened.

ABC News drew 771,000. Compass (272,000) and The Luminaries (111,000) followed.

The Sunday Project managed 342,000 for 10 then 10 News First (275,000 / 214,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News 210,000 / 151,000.

National TV Audience: Sunday 12 May 2024

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  1. I reckon Nine would quietly be disappointed with that result, given the risky lifeline renewal and heavy marketing campaign (off the back of a landslide Q1), overseas sales aside, and to see over 1m tune-in but finish averaging easily behind 10 and some half a mil behind Seven… As well as losing other timeslots and Lego also underwhelming. They really need Origin, Olympics and Block type of numbers ASAP. Credit where credit is due to Seven, 10 and also SBS. ABC caught in the cross-fire at the moment?

        1. In that case, Do we know why The Summit was brought forward? My guess would be to avoid any gap in reality shows on the Sunday schedule, which would likely mean Nine gets even more smashed by Seven in the ratings.

          1. I would use “brought forward” if there is an amendment from the original guide. I don’t think the numbers were great but Summit is so far playing out as intended.

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