Fiona Harvey seeks big bucks for Baby Reindeer interview

“I’d settle for a million," says the woman who claims she was depicted in hit Netflix series.

Fiona Harvey, who spoke to Piers Morgan, claiming she is the woman dramatised in hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer, now wants $A1.9m for the interview.

Harvey agreed to a sit-down interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube show last Thursday, telling the Daily Record she had initially been offered a small sum to do the interview.

“They offered me £250 ($A475) and I asked if that was what they paid everyone and, if so, I wanted to see documentation to that effect,” Harvey told the Daily Record. “That documentation has not been forthcoming. I have not signed a contract for the interview and I will be seeking far more than a piddling £250.”

Harvey added, “I’d settle for a million ($A1.9 million).”

She also threatened legal action against Netflix and demanded a further million ($A1.9 million).

But Morgan told 2DAY hosts Dave Hughes, Ed Kavalee and Erin Molan, “We give her the same as we give 95% of our guests. I won’t say what it was, but we also paid for her to have a nice haircut, we got her a nice car and so on. I think we treated her very fairly and reasonably.”

He also noted, his YouTube channel “has so far had 11 million views, one of the clips on our TikTok channel has had 26 million views. These numbers are like nothing we’d ever seen.”

“Anyone who has watched the Netflix series and watched the interview will know the big question is: Was this woman who was easily identified as Fiona Harvey, did Fiona Harvey ever actually go to prison? Did she admit to the crime? Was she ever convicted of being a stalker?”

In Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd tells a fictionalised version of his true-life tale as Donny Dunn, a struggling standup comedian and bartender who is relentlessly stalked by a woman he calls “Martha” (Jessica Gunning) after he is kind to the woman at the pub he works at.

Source: Forbes, news.com.au

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