Q+A: May 6

Tony Burke & Paul Fletcher are both guests on Monday.

Appearing on Q+A next Monday are Arts minister Tony Burke, and former Communications minister Paul Fletcher.

What’s the future of work? COVID disrupted the office and accelerated the transition to hybrid working. Full-time remote working is a reality for some, but there’s a tension in some corporates who want staff back in the office at least a few days a week. For many Australians, WFH isn’t an option, entrenching social and economic divides between those who can and those who can’t. How will technological advances and the rise of artificial intelligence further exacerbate those differences? What are Australia’s labour advantages – and vulnerabilities – as an unstable world threatens international supply chains? And is the federal government’s new ‘made in Australia’ pitch, promising billions of dollars to rebuild manufacturing capacity, smart economics or extravagant protectionism?

Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations and Minister for the Arts Tony Burke,
Shadow Minister for Science, Arts, Government Services and the Digital Economy Paul Fletcher, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus,
Work Futurist, Atlassian Dominic Price,
Carmen’s Founder Carolyn Creswell.

Monday, May 6 at 9.35pm on ABC.


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  1. I don’t regularly watch Q+A anymore, however, I’ll probably watch this due to both Paul Fletcher and Tony Burke’s ties to the television industry over the years, and the role of communications in the university sector.

    Though one issue with the line-up is that it’s stacked towards Labor, as Sally McManus with the union is pretty much Labor as well. And the host or moderator, who I assume is Patricia Karvelas is seemingly far-left. Getting the balance right and perceived bias has been an issue for Q+A.

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