Stephanie McIntosh returning to Neighbours

"Hot on the heels of Harold… Sky will be dropping by to visit her dear old grandad."

Neighbours has announced another returning cast member with Stephanie McIntosh reprising Sky Mangel.

“Hot on the heels of Harold… Sky will be dropping by to visit her dear old grandad. But what else has brought her back to Erinsborough? Stephanie McIntosh will be reprising her much loved role in the coming weeks,” the show’s official Instagram annnounced.

Sky was last seen in 2020, marrying Lana Crawford and then investigating Finn Kelly’s death, before a video montage of previous characters congratulating Toadie and Melanie on their wedding in the 2022 finale.

An date for her return is yet to be announced.

4pm Monday – Thursday on 10.

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  1. Melanie was Sku’s step mum when she was younger. So it will be interesting to see their relationship, as Mel wasn’t in the show during her previous return.

    1. About as ridiculous as Sky impulsively dumping the father of her kids to suddenly marry some girl she briefly experimented with in high school 14 years prior. It all played out like really bad fan fiction just so that they could quickly contrive another same sex wedding for the show without putting in any of the work to make the pairing appear even remotely believable.

    2. I’m sure it happens more often than you think. Having an interstate cop involved in an investigation was a massive part of the storyline for Prime’s Deadloch.

      1. The detective was transferred to Deadloch. From what I remember, Sky was in Erinsborough for personal reasons and just implanted herself into the investigation.

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