Tom Gleeson: “I was sounded out to host The 1% Club but I said no”

Tom Gleeson declined to add a second quiz show to his busy slate.

Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson is the go-to comedy host right now also hosting Taskmaster Australia and ABC Family’s offshoot Hard Quiz Kids.

Speaking with TV Tonight, he confirmed his deals with networks confirmed shows could not compete against one another.

Taskmaster could not be on a Wednesday, it had to be another night. That would be silly. So yes, we do have that in place,” he said.

“I’m also not really supposed to do other shows that are similar to Hard Quiz. That doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose.”

He also revealed he was approached to host Seven’s 1% Club, a job which ultimately went to comedian Jim Jefferies.

“I was sounded out to host The 1% Club but I said no because it was a quiz and that seems silly to me. It’s a great show. But then I’d just be doing two shows that were quite similar. Whereas Taskmaster is up the Comedy end of the spectrum with comedians and stuff. It’s not general public contestants, so it’s a very different show.

“They asked me if I was interested, and I said no. But is that a genuine offer? Not really. I saw the Lee Mack version and thought I could see how this could work. But I think Jim Jefferies is doing great job. He’s a very, very funny act.”

Gleeson will also feature on a Deal or No Deal: Celebrity edition on 10 later this year.

Taskmaster Australia screens 7:30pm Thursdays on 10.

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  1. Sorry I can’t watch our version of the 1% club with Jim Jeffries his not my cup of tea and to me his shouting all the time so you can’t understand him ….. now the UK version of the 1% club with Lee Mac is better suited his so funny and lets the contestants hit back at him

    <3 🙂

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