Airdate: Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger

Is the Tasmanian Tiger really gone for good or just very good at playing hide and seek?

Filmmaker and journalist Tim Noonan Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger investigates the ultimate wildlife mystery to find out if the world’s rarest, most elusive animal – the Tasmanian Tiger – is gone for good or just very good at playing hide and seek.

To solve nature’s greatest cold case, Tim joins a team of scientists from the University of Tasmania as they launch the most comprehensive search in history for the legendary creature. Using thousands of camera traps, scientists have transformed the island’s wilderness into a “big brother” for wildlife. The Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, was an Australian carnivorous marsupial unlike any other known animal – it had a head like a wolf, legs like a kangaroo, stripes like a tiger, and a pouch like a koala. Along the way, the two-time Walkley Award-winning filmmaker is drawn into the strange world of tiger treasure hunters and conspiracy theories and discovers that delving into mysteries can lead to madness.

Episode One:
Laureate professor Barry Brook is helming the camera trap operation and is the world’s leading authority on the Tasmanian Tiger. He tells Tim, “If it exists, our cameras will catch it.” While they wait six months to see what the last cameras in the wilderness will reveal, Tim hits the road to do some investigations of his own and record the most compelling eyewitness accounts on camera. He gets a tip-off about Tasmania’s most infamous modern-day tiger hunter; a secretive scientist with a cult-like following known only as “Tigerman.”

Wednesday, 12 June at 7.30pm on SBS.

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  1. No TTs left-they were dying off by the ’30s from a combination of bounty hunting and a distemper disease-might have been a handful left after 1940 or so, but so few they couldn’t get together to reproduce-that no one’s come up with any evidence in the last 40 odd years of intensive looking says it all, unfortunately…

    1. I’m curious about this, because I feel like if they found evidence it would have been news but I don’t necessarily understand the point of the show ultimately if they don’t. Even though the show looks good.
      I absolutely loved Tim Noonan’s show Boy to Man. So I’ll watch anything he does.

      Hopefully at some point he can do another show with PJ. Extreme Engagement was also really good.

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