Auditions: The Chase

Casting has opened for a 14th season -but there's a catch.

Casting has opened for a 14th season of The Chase on Seven -but there’s a catch.

“If you’re a big fan of quizzes and would love the chance to win an amazing cash prize, you’d make the perfect contestant for The Chase Australia,” a casting notice announces.

“Not only will you combine your knowledge with three other contestants to try and take down the Chaser, but you’ll also have TV Legend Larry Emdur guiding you through the game.”

However budgets appear to be tight at Seven with this footnote for prospective contestants…

“Note The Chase is currently being recorded in Sydney and any travel and accommodation costs are at your own expense.”

Still keen? You can apply here.

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  1. I had inquired a few months ago, and the travel cost condition stood then too. The least they could do is foot the Cab Charge cost for those being picked up and/or dropped off in Sydney.

    Seriously, what tight-arses. They only screen three new episodes per week (minus holiday periods), which are already overly long with a 63 minute timeslot, and they give away nothing most nights (and the winnings are usually unimpressive, especially after being split between the contestants).

    I enjoy the show and all, but I wouldn’t bother applying unless I really brush up on my weaker subjects, and even then, many of the multiple choice questions are so reliant on dumb luck that no amount of preparation would be sufficient. For now, it’s not worth the extremely high likelihood of humiliation for a remote chance of winning such a modest sum. But maybe someday… 😅

  2. Wouldn’t go on The Chase as you’re not guaranteed to win money. Chasers can be really clever and know their stuff. David 14h is a typo. How is Larry able to do both Chase and TMS?

      1. Virtually all game shows film episodes in bulk (usually a week’s worth of episodes per day of filming), and for those with carry-over champions, contestants would need to bring spare clothes so that they can pretend that any subsequent appearances were shot on a different day.

      1. There used to be heaps. In fact I think every quiz show or game show there was a chance to win something even if you didn’t win the show. I went on Sale of the Century didn’t win but won a prize on the Who am I prize board and then Million dollar minute – can’t understand how that was canceled- you had the chance throughout the show to win 1,500-5,000 dollars and I ended up with 1,500. I too think it’s ridiculous of the Chase – and why anyone would try for it- when you either win or end up with nothing, and most of the time it’s nothing! Why would you bother. I only ever watch the last round too, as it’s so boring. And I’m always for the Chaser to win as most of the time the contestants are so dumb – they’d have to be to go on the show in the first place. Love to know what’s the stats on how many win verses the Chaser I reckon it must be at least 90% chaser wins!

  3. Is this the only gameshow that makes you pay for all travel/accom? So cheap to make. Doesn’t seem worth it for me to travel from Perth -> Syd just to lose from the producers stacking the team.

    1. No unfortunately it’s not. I had to make my way to Sydney from Melbourne for Mastermind! And they don’t even give away any money at all.

    2. No it’s not I had to pay my own way to Sydney for Mastermind. Though you would think a show on commercial TV would have more of a budget for it.

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