Seven News “wasting no time in tearing up the rule book”

Gemma Acton, Seven's new Director of News Operations, hints at more change to come.

The new team heading Seven News have hit the ground running with their plans to shake up traditional news.

Gemma Acton, appointed as Director of News Operations, has posted on Instagram:

“I was excited to accept the role of Director of News Operations last Friday… and after my first full day in the job I’m now doubly excited!” she wrote.

“Ideas are coming in thick and fast from both colleagues and viewers about how we can shake up news and turn audience expectations on their head. We’re looking at them all.. Stay tuned!

“Anthony de Ceglie & I are wasting no time in tearing up the rule book to see what we can deliver for you!”

Acton, most recently Seven’s Finance Editor, is responsible for leading and implementing the division’s new digital-first strategy as well as overseeing budgets,

She added, “Yes, I will still be on-air a couple of times a week. Yes, I will still be doing MC & keynote work. Yes, I will still be running Everyday Showstopper with @ladyacton And yes, I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

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  1. The Director of News at Seven used to say ‘ Why serve the audience steak when all they want is sausages!!’
    The news will be the same ‘gee whiz’ stuff with a bit of real news to make the title ‘news’ relevant.

  2. Thursday on 7 6pm news at 610
    (the supposedly important block before the first adbreak)

    Bones found underneath a shop are soon revealed to be from an animal.

    (followed soon after by Russia/North Korea alliance mentioned in headlines)

    Utterly absurd!

  3. I have a great idea how to shake up the News arena.
    Report the actual News and don’t try to make it. Another thing stop with the paid infomercials that seem to be part of the timeslot now.
    Ch7 has some fantastic young reporters now, let them tell it like it is.
    Sharnelle,Tyra, Abbey,Sonia are I think doing a great job, Unless that is Ch7 only has them there for their looks?

  4. Considering recent basic errors resulted in costly payouts if anything Seven News needs a boss who makes sure people actually read the rulebook rather than tearing it up.

  5. Tonight on 7 6pm news:
    A reporter continually rudely interrupts Jerry Seinfeld while on a private walk.
    The Reporter then asks “What do you think of Brisbane?”
    “A little rude right now” says Jerry.

    Will this reporter be reprimanded, or encouraged under the new shakeup?

    1. He was a numpty…they sent him to stand out the front of the entertainment centre at Boondall…to see the security measures…then back to the city to be asked what he thought of Brisbane..then followed him to Anzac Square to ask again…and all Steve Hart got was…” “We’ll talk later”…but doubt that was never going happen because his show is at Boondall…even better no one even recognise Jerry traipsing around the city…this was all done for 2 minutes of news.

  6. My main 2.
    Less stories about medical studies/findings from Media Releases/PR companies.
    Less promoting stories from PR queens holding competitions when there is a snowflakes hope in hell of anyone winning the actual main prize.

  7. They really could go back to half hour..news is 24/7..they could cut the crap…with footage of flogging off retirement living….mould cleaning….bug and snake catchers…washing machine repair guys …motor mechanics and their advice..that are supposed to be informative but are disguised as info commercials…cut the footage of cars/truck/caravan/train crashes in obscure places in America, China, Italy etc which they often get off YouTube….. or some bright spark interstate on a motor bike on a busy highway doing wheelies and donuts..they often get of social media especially when you’re in another state…even worse are reporters hanging around house fires trying to interview traumatised victims and neighbours..as has been the case recently…cut all this comparing and statistics from house prices to bus/train fares….which is probably great for bean counters who love it….they could even improve weather maps and temperatures to make them more visible for the vision impaired as well.

  8. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news. More news that actually is news.
    Less local fluff. I’m in qld and apart from the weekends it seems like the rest of Australia doesn’t exist never mind the rest of the world.
    I’m sick of fluffy titbits about the broncos.
    Surely in 3 hours of news every night we can expect better!

  9. Please stop blocking the faces of DV offenders, paedophiles, car accident perpetrators or any crims – especially when it all seems rather selective.

  10. The news needs to be only news and not include fluff and “click bait” type stories – like housing prices, which suburbs have the worst or best of (insert anything here) , supermarket pricing, power bills, home loans, EVs, etc – all that end with someone from one of those compare type websites (tell me that is not paid for) telling you to shop around anyway. I don’t need the 6pm news to tell me that!

  11. The main thing that bothers me about the 6 PM bulletin is the inclusion of sports stories interspersed with actual news. They need to hold off all sports coverage for the dedicated sports segment around 6.30pm. If I didn’t have to fast-forward through sports during the first 30 minutes, I would watch the news live instead of on time-shift. They need to remember, sport is not news, it is a hobby, and does not need the amount of focus they are giving it.

    1. Are you Melbourne based? There is a very real difference in heavy sport stories dominating the Melbourne coverage when you compare to most other cities

  12. I am hoping accessibility and inclusion will be considered and made a priority. Working in higher education, we are aware of the need to make sure people with varying abilities can access information. An example I can provide is that I find the current weather graphics difficult to read with poor colour contrast (and I have good vision). In 2024 surely it is not too difficult to make sure viewers can see the weather map, icons and weather temperatures clearly!

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