Vale: Michael ‘Gibbo’ Gibson

TV and radio entertainer, best known for Agro's Cartoon Connection and The Channel Niners, has died.

TV and radio entertainer Michael ‘Gibbo’ Gibson, best known for Agro’s Cartoon Connection and The Channel Niners, has died, aged 69.

He died on Sunday following a battle with dementia, after being diagnosed 18 months ago.

Gibson produced and featured in Brisbane’s Agro’s Cartoon Connection and The New Channel Niners and wrote and performed comedy for radio stations like B105 supporting Jamie Dunn and Agro from the 1990s until 2005.

Gibson studied initially with Max Rowley before heading to NIDA alongside Mel Gibson and Judy Davis in 1977.

He became program promotions manager, head writer, producer and the station voice for the Nine Network in Brisbane and ran his own media and drama teaching and production, voiceover and directing business across three decades.

Jamie Dunn, aka Agro, posted, “Farewell my funny friend. You were hilarious 100% of the time ! I have nothing but wonderful memories of you.”

Source: RadioInfo

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  1. Oh no!
    Gibbo was my absolute favourite as a kid. I used to drive everyone crazy singing the theme song from The Space Cadets.
    There’s something very special about the connection you get with certain performers when you’re a kid.
    Thanks for all the laughs, Gibbo.

  2. Gibbo was truly a great talent, as Jamie said “hilarious 100%” & a lovely man too. All the best to Carol & family. Thanks for posting David.

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