Week 42

Face the factuals. Seven rules the week.
Week 42: Top 100
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  1. very surprised that FF went up. this episode in the US had a big drop so i was expecting the same here. this episode was a bit better. but i suggest the writers of the show make something happen during the hour and get a wriggle on with the story.

  2. TAA has certainly improved, maybe its continuous ‘encores’ have paid off? It came at the expense of mercy, which plummeted!
    Should we even bother commentinng about TEN and its dismal Mondays!?
    DOND’s lowest Monday figures in a while, whats going on there!

  3. Wow! Flash Forward has become a hit. The first 3 eps have all rated over 1.4m

    i guess the numerous “encores” have helped. Both eps 1 and 2 were repeated last Wednesday at 9:30pm and again at noon yesterday.

    Good to see 7pm Project almost hit 800K last night – but am worried about Rove.

    His annual ARIA awards show is being shown on Nine this year , his chat show was dumped to 9:30pm Sundays and is struggling to get 800K – and AYST5G is struggling also.

    I predict that Rove will not be at TEN next year.

    But Australians will still have a light entertainment/variety show to watch;-

    “Hey Hey it’s the black and white minstrels show”!

  4. I’m enjoying Apprentice Australia. Good cast of reality-show-fodder contestants and I’m even starting to warm to Mark Bouris. If anything, it just feels like a bit of a time warp. Pity Nine didn’t try this when the Apprentice was the hottest franchise on TV, and Kerry Packer was still alive to play the Trump role. That would have been a boardroom showdown worth watching every week.

  5. Just wondering why Four Corners isn’t coming up in this Top 20? Another report I have seen has it as the #11 program for the night? Has it just been called the wrong name (i.e ABC News Update)?

  6. I’d hate to be Jamie Dunn right now. Everybody knows, two failures, don’t make a success. Why? Seven is trying to raise Deal’s ratings from the gutter by promoting it on 4BC. The last time I checked, Dunn’s ratings weren’t that crash hot.

    Thus the first sub 120k result on a Monday for that slot in living memory.

  7. also forgot to say awsome night for 7 with the the top 5 shows of the night. It sucks that Seconds from Disarster outrates Motorway since Motorway is a far more superior show. FlashForward gains a little on last week and should be enough to hold NCIS for the number 1 import of the week. since its been renewed in the us for a full season, could be see Desperate Housewives move to Tuesday next year? Nine does well with there comedy hour. The Mentalist holds up ok, again over 1mil, still this is the wrong slot, it should of been on Sunday. The apprentice gains abit, looks like all those encores worked

  8. @ mak, it’s not a point of should have or shouldn’t have, the fact is they did use this ‘rubbish which is idol’ and succeeded. So well done to them. I’m sure you don’t begrudge the other ways people climb toward the top of their profession.

    @damo, I agree with ryan, you’ve got a very depressing attitude. If making it to the top of the Australian charts is nothing, then I guess no one should bother….. how ridiculous. We are not America or England. Can’t we just be happy with supporting local musicians here?

  9. Wow, the audience drop off between FlashForward and Mercy is staggering.

    And Nurse Jackie is easily the best thing on TV right now. I wish Ten would’ve treated it better.

  10. Why the hell would people watch these stupid factual programs?

    Destroyed in Seconds – sounds thrilling.

    I can only think people out there in Western Sydney (+ the similar areas in Melbourne & Brisbane) would watch this type of rubbish.

    Says a lot about 7’s demographics!

  11. 7pm Project has a slight increase and was tens 2nd best show in primetime last night…shows how bad there mondays are. Still last nights ep with Andrew Gunsberg as host and Jo Stanely on the pannel was proably the best epsiode of the show so far. Andrew is a real pro and after all those years on Idol, live TV comes second nature to him. Thats where i think the show falls, the entire pannel has not done live TV and are use to having things cut if they stuff up. I actually like Dave Hughes but he couldnt even introduce a story last night without mumbeling. Seriously, dump Hughes, add Stanely as a panelist and Gunsberg as the host and have Charlie sit in Daves chair. They should experiment with this over summer. I think Andrew is underused talent, he showed on GNW that he’s smart and funny,

  12. FlashForward increases. Didnt see that coming. Great ep last night- not any closer to answers though. Mercy is basically DOA which is a shame because its actaually a really good show.

    Apprentice increases a alittle and wins the slot. that is at least some good news. Both seven and nines schedules are actually holding up well against each other from 7:30-8:30.

  13. Another good night for Seven, with six of the top ten shows. FF has maintained its audience thus far and The Apprenctice has lifted by approximately 150,000 viewers. Those repeats must have helped find new viewers. It’s still a flop though, as it is well outside of the Top Ten. Really terrible numbers for Nurse Jackie.

  14. TEN is a trainwreck, with the ABC nipping at its heels night after night

    Idol, Rove, 7PM, Fifth Grader … all disasters !! … with Celeb MasterChef being destroyed by Hey Hey. Its best rating show on Monday was the News at Five with 866,000 … hahaha

  15. So Flashforward gains this week, wow. Yet to watch this week yet. Shame Mercy doesn’t do better i watched last week and wasn’t that bad, again yet to watch this weeks ep tho.

    Good News Week was hilarious last night, took the pi** of Hey Hey and the whole blackface skit, and so many jokes that politically correct people will probably complain about. But i laughed.

  16. Good to see that The Apprentice is gaining some ground (albeit a tad) but I really do enjoy the show. The Big Bang Theory was also good, I’m really liking this show now, hope it continues on the same time slot even during summer.

  17. Stone the crows! Flash Forward is Number 1 again. Enjoyed it last night but can’t help thinking that in a few weeks the plot is going to be a total mess. Its already going off it tangents that they can play with for weeks. Nurse Jackie is without a doubt the best thing on TV at the moment.

  18. Scott was a hottie? News to me. But by all means let’s keep any hotties, bugger whether they’ve got any talent or not.

    Ryan, I kind of agree about younger music industry guests, but I also feel there are few of those that are in the country, or visit, about whom it can be said they won’t be yesterday’s news any minute. There’s something kind of impessive about an artist who can claim sales of 50 million plus.

    Damo, I don’t understand how the record industry works. I know every crappy artist from the UK and/or US can get released in Australia, but going the other way even for good Australian artists seems to be more of a problem.

  19. They have slightly changed their format… I’m glad Monday night has gone and they were quick with the auditions.

    But… I am finding the show pretty boring. I still watch it, but I’m not really rooting for any of the contestants, and I’m finding the majority of the performances boring.

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