Returning: Domestic Blitz

Get out the Kleenex. Domestic Blitz returns to Nine on Sunday, February 28 at 6.30pm with Shelley Craft, Scott Cam, Richard Reid, interior designer Chontelle Samios and landscaper Joel Hurrey.

The first episode featuring the Freeman family of Gosford will also include appearances by cricketer Nathan Bracken and singer, Paulini.

In this emotion-charged episode, the Blitz team travel to Gosford to meet the Freeman family. Childhood sweethearts Hilarie, 42, and Peter Freeman, 45, always dreamed of starting a family but after years of trying to fall pregnant they were still denied their greatest wish. Despite undergoing IVF treatment, the Freemans had all but given up when they finally received the exciting news – Hilarie was pregnant.

The Freemans welcomed their miracle baby son, Hadley, now four, to the family but then their world came crashing down when Hilarie received the devastating news that she may not see him grow up. Diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, Hilarie has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment – but unfortunately the signs are not good and she is in for the fight of her life.

But she is not alone. Hilarie’s friends from her mothers’ group have formed a support group known as Hills Angels, and they are working tirelessly to support their dear friend and raise money for Hadley’s future – a future that might be without his mother.

The Domestic Blitz gang of Shelley Craft, Scott Cam, interior designer Chontelle Samios and landscaper Joel Hurrey descend on the Freeman house to give Hilarie her very own sanctuary. And Australia’s favourite green thumb, Don Burke, drops in to help with the lush garden makeover.

While the Blitz team are working their magic on the home, Richard Reid whisks the family and the Hills Angels off to the picturesque and tranquil Q Station in Manly for some much-needed pampering. Here the family receive a special visit from cricketer Nathan Bracken and the NSW SpeedBlitz Blues and Hilarie is serenaded by Aussie songstress, Paulini.


  1. l think that this programme is a real opener for those that live in a smaller frame of thinking as to how lucky we are,,l know for us as a family it really makes the weeks trivial disagreements become even less trivial………..good on the team, they do a really fantastic job in a really tough situation,,,,,,,,,,

  2. I thought rubbish shows like this were all now happily playing in repeats @ 2AM? How and why this is deemed Sunday Prime Time is lost on me.

    And Richard Reid!!!!! What are they thinking? As if it’s not bad enough in your face at 6AM, they’re having him spoil your dinner too…

  3. [email protected]

    I guess February 28 will also be the date for the season return of 60 Minutes and the premiere of Underbelly: The Golden Mile. That’s if Nine are still keeping it on Sundays. Right now I’m not so sure because they have taken down the phrase “Coming to Sundays” off Underbelly now.

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