CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds cast changes

CSI: Miami is reportedly dumping hunky actor Eddie Cibrian (Cardoza).

EW.com claims his contract option has not been picked up. The actor joined Miami last season, largely to fill the void left by original cast member Adam Rodriguez (Delko). But with Rodriguez returning full-time producers decided to put the focus back on the original, core team.

The news comes just one day after CBS’ Criminal Minds announced the departure of series regular A.J. Cook (Special Agent Jennifer “JJ” Jareau).

Cook’s contract option has reportedly not been picked up for the next season.

Source: EW.com


  1. I do not agree on the termination of AJ Cook for Criminal Minds. It is not fair when she is such an important person to the team. I sincerely think I won’t be watching the new shows

  2. that’s a bit of a shame

    anyone else agree the newer seasons of CSI miami have been a bit more corny than usual?

    also he kind of looks like f1 driver mark webber ha!

  3. Its quite interesting if you have CSI Miami as well as Ugly Betty on your radar, as both Eddie Cibrian and Adam Rodriguez have alternated in both series playing similar roles. Eddie Cibrian was Betty’s sister’s love interest last season and Adam Rodriguez is her love interest this season, while Eddie replaced Adam on CSI Miami. All I can say is they are both Hot!

  4. What a strange show CSI: Miamai is, they keep the comic relief and axe the more ‘serious’ character!

    What next? Heratio Cane in space…oh, wait, they already did that…

  5. It’s only justifiable to blame CBS for this , because its about money and the fact that they gave Charlie Sheen too much of it and now other actors from the quality shows are paying for it.

  6. This is typical CBS style. They always want a more male dominated cast. It sucks it really does. However there have been rumours flying around that AJ Cook could be headed to the Criminal Minds spin off because they need to give it something extra and she would be perfect. I however think that this move sucks all round because Criminal Minds is awesome and she is one of the reasons it works so well.

    CBS you may have just killed one of your hit shows here. Stupid stupid move

  7. And there’s a huge fan campaign against the sacking of AJ Cook and the cut back of Paget Brewster. Even the cast is making it clear via twitter that they’re not happy and linking to the petition.

  8. Really dissapointed that AJ Cook has been cut from Criminal Minds. The balance of fmale and female cast was even, and the female characters, especially JJ now as a mother adds another level of character emotion to the stories.
    I didn’t know CSI Miama had Delco replaced for a season. I stopped watching about 3 or 4 years ago when Nine started to treat the show like rubbish and throw in random repeats or not air it when advertised.

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